D-bol and time of day

I remember Bill Roberts, I think, said on the Messo board that there is no benifit to taking D-bol throught the day. I tried to find the article and I cannot seam to find it. Is this true? I am taking the liquid Ganabol, from Mexico and it is d-bol, @ 50mg a day. should I take all 50mg @ once or should I take 12.5mg 4 x a day?

I never said that. I have always advocated
divided doses for Dianabol (including liquid
formulations) except in the case where one
wants to minimize inhibition, and even then
I recommend dividing that into 2/3 on arising
and 1/3 at noon. Results are much better with
divided doses than with single dose (and much
better with four or five doses evenly divided through 24 hours rather than the morning-only
dosing scheme with 2 doses.)

Thanks Bill, sorry for getting the two mixed up. I just glanced at the article b/c it was not what I was looking for.

Ganabol is another brand name for Equipose. It is not liquid D-bol. The only liquid D-bol sold in Mexico is Reforvit-B. You only see results if inject 8cc (400 mg) a week for at least 6 weeks. Results are slow but steady if it is not stacked with another steroid.

Mando, Ganabol is a nother name for Equip. but is also D-bol. I posted this question here and had it answered. Besides, if it was not D-bol, wouldn’t Bill have said something in his post? thanks for your help though,.

No, my not saying anything about the name
issue wasn’t because I was certifying it
to be correct, but because that wasn’t the
part I was answering. Personally I have
have knowledge only of boldenone undecanoate
being sold as Ganabol. That doesn’t mean
that there couldn’t be anything else sold
by the same name: stranger things have happened, so I didn’t comment.