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D-bol and Test-E Cycle

Planning on staring a dbol and test-e cycle next month want some opinion on my cycle I’ve done an anavar cycle last year got some decent results but I want to get stronger.

13%15% bodyfat

Kicksart Dbol 25mg per day, week 1-5
Test e 500mg per week, week 1-12
Nolva 40mg week 14-15
Nolva 30mg week 15-16
Nolva 20mg week 16-17
Nolva 10mg week 17-18

Ill be doin bloodwork to check my estrogen levels under cycle I’m trying to do this cycle as safe as possible

Im not sure what to take incase my estrogen levels get high is it letrozole or arimidex incase its one them can you guys suggest the dosages.
Thanks in advance!!

If you’ve never done test only before then you should just do that instead. Adding dbol adds e2 complications that are a little tricky to manage. If you don’t know what’s causing a side effect (is it the test or the dbol?) then you’ll have a hard time nailing down a proper response to said side effects. Run the test for 12 weeks, train hard, eat right, and you’ll get strong as Hell.

To answer your question, arimidex is preferred over letro because letro is an atomic bomb for e2. Hard to dose, hard to manage, easy to blow up your whole cycle. You don’t use arimidex until you know you need it. Have it on hand—and get the real stuff from a pharma supplier, not the bullshit liquid that’s dosed at God knows what strength—and only use it if you need it. Btw, the same rule goes for Nolva. Use UGL drugs like that at your own risk. A reputable source can cap pills with decent accuracy, but the shady guys who make a liquid version are not at all ideal.

You’ll want to start PCT no earlier than week 15, as you want weeks 13 &14 off to allow the test to leave your system. Some say to wait 3 weeks before PCT.

You might save the dbol for the end, or not run it at all. You should know how your body reacts to the test by week 9 and you could run the dbol weeks 9-14; virtually right up to PCT as the half life is pretty short.