D-Bol and Nolva

Do these mg’s/days/sup go well:

D-bol(5mg)-> 4/day to 5/day-> 40days
Nolva(20mg)-> 1/day-> 60 days

is this enough nolva is my main concern? thanks.

Wow. . . that’s so. . . wow. . .I really don’t know what to say to that. . .

First, if you’re running d-bol only you’ll need a higher dose.

Second, the nolva while on is fine but you’ll need to take more for PCT.

Mostly you need to do more reading. Alot more reading.


how much more nolva for pct?

Look man, a dbol only cycle is just a bad idea. Go back to the drawing board. Not to say that its not a good idea to include dbol in your first cycle, its just you should include other compounds as well or else the “results” of your cycle will be fleeting seeing as they will be mostly water retention.

Start by reading the steroids for newbies thread.

i’ve read that its just different for everybody and that i have a good chance because of having less body fat to begin with. more stuff = more money too, if i find out that i can just use this that would be a step in the right direction. and if you still disagree could you suggest an oral cycle with low cost similar to this?

it seems you’re dead set on doing an oral cycle…not going to waste my breath trying to dissuade you or point ya in a different direction (hint: TEST!)…

IMO the cycle would have to be short (3-4 weeks), the dosage aggressive (50 mg ED) and the use of an AI or SERM would be a must…not an ideal cycle, but it could work. run the nolva at 10 mg ED…you could probably get away with 10 mg EOD. get some clomid for PCT, with a test booster and ZMA for support. EAT a ton.

thank you for the help but now i’ve been researching and oral test with an oral winny because im more of a speed athlete than a heavy lifter. there was this artcile on here that i found with those as a small cycle with AI’s of course. any comments, post.

why no injectables?? If your scared of needles its something you should simply just get over. If you are dead set on orals I would think something like anavar would be better seeing as you were mentioning your a speed athlete… anavar will give you little in mass gains but will make you stronger = faster. Just my 2 cents.

if your going for the oral only thing something like an anadrol and winny or anadrol and var stack would be a better idea than just d-bol

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Oral test? I have to assume that you mean andriol (note not anadrol) as thats about the only one I can think of…

andriol = an expensive waste of time IMO as the oral bioavailability is shockingly poor for the price…

just my opinion

Why not anadrol, even though some ppl recommend it.