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D-Bol and Equipoise...?

So I have a few questions to ask and would like some advice in stacking these two elements and what your suggestions are as far as dosing. This isn’t my first cycle, but both D-Bol and Equipoise are new to me so that is why I have come to ask for help.

First a little insight into my background. I’ve played football for going on 15 years this coming season. I’ve played since I was 6 and am now in College, though not a D1 player, I am a very serious and fierce competitor. My father was a powerlifter for 16 years and got me into the sport, unfortunately I never took powerlifting as serious as him therefore I never gained the massive amounts of white muscle fiber he has. I am strong, but I wish to be stronger. I am very aware of what I am doing in the gym as I have been utilizing the stacks since I was 9. Being 20 going on 21, I want to get more serious and add that gas to my workouts to put on more weight and gain strength like the Ox everyone calls me.

I have been into actual bodybuilding for 2 years now, on top of my football workouts. I train for about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week and have accomplished a rather healthy physique. Weighing in at 231 with 11.75% body fat. I want to get up around 245-250 lbs. and be able to really put the weight up and gain the muscle mass that I have desired for so long. I eat every 2 hours, consuming 350-365 grams of protein, between 280-310 grams of carbs, 115-125 grams of fat, and a grand total of nearly 4,300 calories per day.

My training regiment breaks down 1 muscle group per day in the following split:
Sunday: Shoulders
Monday: Back
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Biceps
Friday: Triceps/Lower Back
Saturday: Off
I train my traps, calves, and abs every other day.

I’ve tried other training splits including taking a break in the middle of the week (wednesday) as my “off day” but I have found this training regiment to be the best for my body and what it responds to the best. I never perform the same workout twice, and I am always pushing to make strength gains.

I don’t train often with a partner, but when I need it I do get a spot from some of my buddies that are at the gym around the same time I am.

I am very serious about performing this stack in a cycle, but would like the input and recommendations of those who wish to give it, on what dossing I should utilize and whether they believe this stack would be the best for putting the mass and gain the strength I desire, and if not what other suggestions can you make for me? Also, the Anti-E that I used to utlize for when I did Deca, Ethanate, and Winstrol, and Test, I cannot get ahold of, so what good Anti-E’s do you guys suggest?

I believe I have covered all the bases as set out by the “newbies thread” even though I’m not a newbie… But if you wish to know anything else let me know.


not to be picky, but you may want to add up those cals again. Thats more like 4,000 not 7,500

woah, yeah I’m not sure where I messed up with my calculations here. Roughly 4,300 Calories is what it total’s up to. Must have hit some wrong buttons, thanks…

So any help? Or am I going to have to figure this out on my own?