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D-bol and Deca

so i decided i am going to start a cycle. i have been reading a lot on steroid profiles and what not and i originally was only gunna take deca but i was told its not a good idea to take deca alone. i read that d-bol and deca works wonders.

i plan on taking the nolvedex or proviron for an anti e during the cycle and clomid at the end. what my question is, with the proper post cycle treatment how much of my gains will i actually be able to hold on to?

If you’re going to use Deca you gotta run Test. The dbol might cover the Deca while you run it but since the ester in Deca is so dam long you gotta run it 10-12 weeks and no one runs dbol that long. Proviron would be a worthwile add-on for Test and Deca

Yep, unless you want deca dick, u better get a little bit of test bro.

ok thanks. i just heard from a bit ofpeople and read deca and d-bol works wonders. even on some sites they sell cycles of deca and dbol. doesnt d-bol act like a testosterone?

quit getting caught up in all this pct …you guys spend more time and money on side effect than you do getting them