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D-Bol and 6-OXO


I am having a problem figuring out if I should take this stuff during or after a cycle (Straight D-bol). Reading the articles about it has suggestions for both. Anyone have experience with this that they can relate?


i was not impressed with 6-OXO...i didn't really notice anything at 3 caps/day. i've read since then that 6 caps/day is the optimal dose...


You can take it both during and after the cycle, but I hope you also have some nolva on hand for during and nolva or clomid on hand for Pct. If I were you I would trash the 6oxo and stick with nolva and clomid.


illegal pharmacutical vs. over the counter supplement

I know I wouldnt want to test out that battle.


Something that works vs. something that's suppose to work
Get some nolva and Clomid.
Shoot you already got the Dbols so why would you want to try the 6OXO


(I don't know much about steroids, but I hope this is a valid point:) Something that is a prescription medication and has known side effects vs something that, while unregulated, may have less side effects. But, this point isn't as good as yours.