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D-bol Alone Cycle?

hi, i have been doin my research but i was just woundering what your views were!?!?
i am considering starting d-bol cycle but on it own ??

the lad who i am getting them off does just this and it seems to work but its difo for everyone…

was just woundering your views on a d-bol alone cycle??

plus the sort of water retention ect it would cause alone


I don’t mean to speak for everyone, but I think most people would definitely advise you NOT to do a dbol only cycle. I certainly would advice against it. Use the search function on the site (or google) and you’ll find out why.

Also, you didn’t list your other stats (age, weight, training, goals) so no one can really give you any advice anyway. Search around for a while then try again when you have more info…

Also take note that many of the more knowledgeable guys in this forum deal with people not doing prior research all the time. As such, you should probably expect to be flamed when you submit posts like this.

I’m not an expert on the subject, I’m no where near the God-like mangnitude of some of the T-Nation members, but I can tell you that running that proposed cycle is a bad idea. Also there’s a lack of personal stats on your post. I would suggest performing extensive research when you post a thread on this forum. It alleviate the burn.

I have personally seen people run this and really didn’t “see” a difference in the persons physique. They claimed they felt a pump during workouts and were so much stronger blah blah blah… the same stuff a pre-workout does to a freshman in highschool when they start there new supplement…

So I would just advise research on the subject and if you feel like this is something you would want to do, pm me and let me know the results or post on this thread to let others feed off of you

Dbol is not going to give very sustainable gains.

Gains, yes, can you keep them after PCT, probably not.

Therefor most feel its a waste to use by itself, when it synergies so well with other compounds.

Its like having a banana split, but only eating the banana…I love me some bananas, but Id rather have some fucking icecream too.


I have done a couple of dbol only cycles… they are really fun!

loads of muscle, loads of strength, loads of libido… but permanent? NOPE!

If you want to balloon up and shrivel back to what you were before in an embarrassing fall from masculine grace… then get yo’sel some diannyballs…


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id like to know how far id get in life if my researching abilities were anything close to the OP’s…

10 Mg 1 hour before a work out helps me but I only did that for 10 days then I am off for 14 days - a month . then I repeat … I have managed to gain and retain a good bit. My arms on get about 17.5 " and I have maintained to 17.125 for about 6 months now.

I started at 16 3/8 a little over a yr ago.
I did 5 short cycles with a month off inbetween max no sooner than 14 days .I have been off since Feb. With new job not much time to work out thats why I stopped cycling it and work out when I can.

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[quote]Game_over wrote:
id like to know how far id get in life if my researching abilities were anything close to the OP’s…[/quote]

lmao! too true!