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D-bol advice please

I am planning to add dianabol to the beginning part of my cycle at 30mg/day. The pills are 10mg/pill and my question is what is the best way to take the 3 pills? I’m guessing that the best way would be to take one upon awakening and space the other two in like 5 hour intervals. Is this valid or can they be taken all together at once?

Space them out. I believe Dbol’s half life once in the bloodstream is about 4 hours. 5 hours apart would work fairly well for you.

I agree with Justin. Spread them out over the course of the day. Taking them all at once will cause more side effects because of the “peaks and valleys” in your blood levels (you won’t be able to maintain a steady blood level). Also try timing one of your dosages AFTER one of your workouts. This would be the most anabolic time of your day. Good luck.