Anybody hear about this yet? Is it bunk or actually legit?


Sublingual compound (put it under your tongue) 3x a day on workoutdays, 2x a day on ‘off’ days.

From the website::

“The active substance DIANABOL was developed by Dr. Ziegler in the sixties as the best oral steroid to date. It was used by ZIEGLER Labs as the basis for the development of D-BLADE!”

"By integrating the active substance in a substance grid, which is 100% embedded in the membrane system, the efficiency of the substance is enhanced by a factor of 10!

The 17 AA loses its significance and is converted into a novel, synthetic subperitrophic membrane ester that simulates the human organism!

Due to the super-sublinguality thanks to this special structure, immediate flooding into the organism and 100% absorption into the blood stream are effected!

There is no inactivation of the active substance, it can thus unfold its full effect over a longer period of time. So far no other supplement, prohormone, etc. has been able to achieve this goal!

With the C-14 myristic acid present in the membrane this absolutely new and patented administration form enables a very high level of plasma-protein binding of almost 98% whereby this mechanism creates a timed release effect that results in the active substance being metabolised by the organism very slowly, thus producing both, a constant, very high active substance level and anabolism!

Sounds a little ‘off’ to me

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You may have better luck with some of pepaws root oil…Horseshit