D/b Bench Press Not Affecting Chest?

First off I have to say I’m a beginner so there is a good chance my form is horribly wrong. For chest exercises today I was doing 5 sets of 12 reps on incline, flat, decline, and butterflys on a flat bench. I also did barbell standing arm curls and hammer curls.

Normally when I get home after a workout, my chest feels good and I can tell I’ve worked it. Tonight my arms are incredibly sore but my chest doesn’t feel any tighter or sore like it normally does.

Any suggestions on what I may have been doing wrong?

Soreness is not an indicator of how well a program is working for you- your numbers and the mirror are far better judges.

I know you are a newbie…but pleeeasse tell me you aren’t just doing chest and biceps…please?


There is a thread about this right now also.

Eeekk… I hate when people call them “butterflys”. Butterflys are little insects that are in gardens and not to be mixed up with “flys” that are a chest exercise. Thank you.