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D Aspartic Acid

Hi everyone,

To make a long story short, I’m a powerlifter 20% fat ( currently on a diet)
Weighs 93kg at 176cm.
I have done several blood tests over the past year to see my hormones ar sitting at, and unfortunately my Testosterone level is beyond the normal range but not for a 21 years old, it was lower.
After reading several researches about DAA i have decided to take it. Now i was passing by this article

Now i have read that it should be combined with AI.
The problem is that i live in germany, i found several products on amazon

The question is how much would such supplements help?
Are they worth buying or what?
I don’t care if things are a bit expensive but main point is that i can get the benefit of DAA.

Every help is appreciated. Have a great sunday guys.

You’re testosterone levels were “beyond” the range"? This would mean you’re testsoterone levels were above the referance range, granted that doesn’t really mean anything considering ref ranges now cut off as low as 600ng/dl and as high as 1400ng/dl. If you’re TT is above 1400ng/dl then just be happy.

The testosterone increasing benefits of D-aspartic acid are controversial, studies have come up inconclusive, you can use it if you want, I wouldn’t use an AI if I were you, they’re strong, very powerful drugs that shouldn’t be messed with so casually. If you’re worried about testosterone levels, improve you’re diet, get adequate sleep, stop using recreational drugs (I don’t know if you use them but many, esp opiates lower testosterone levels), perform some HIIT, and if you don’t have improved numbers and you still suffer from symptoms of low T (do you have symptoms?) then go to a doctor well known for treating testosterone deficiency.

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I have been training since a little bit more than 5 years, total 580kg and i have been on the vertical diet since 3 months.
I Forgot to write that my Testosterone level is 414 ng/dl.

And for a 21 years old who is serious about his training and diet is not ideal i guess.
This is why i want kind of a booster.
I’m always tired and in a bad mood.

And to be honest i haven’t gained any remarkable amount of muscle or strength over the last 1.5 years.

that’s a nice total, 414ng/dl isn’t good IF you have symptoms. You said 414 was beyond you’re ref range? What kind of referance range is this.

How’s you’re sleep habits, do you use recreational drugs, prescription meds, any past testicular trauma/ surgery. I’m not an expert but if you get a set of more complete labs with free T, total T, (SHBG isn’t important) LH, FSH, liver and adrenal function, prolactin, iron studies, thyroid pannel, CBC I can try help you out

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Sleep i get hours a night. I will post the rest of my bloods tests here

And no i don’t take any kinds of drugs, just supplements in general.

You’re total testosterone is lower than 414, it’s 340ng/DL, are you overtraining? Have you used anabolic steroids before? If so, at what age (no judgement here I promise)

How’s iron studies, adrenal function etc. I’m just thinking of possible causes for you to have what seems to be secondary hypogonadism at this age, sometimes it’s just shit luck, but typically there’s a cause.

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I am honest and have always been, unfortunately i don’t have the rest of my blood test with me but my Iron was on the the low side ( norm range was 80-120) i was at 82 im taking iron pills since a month anyways.

340 is low for my age and i know that already. Regarding steroids the answer is no. I have took supplements such as Animal Stak Animal Test. Which are supposed to be a hormone booster. And the illegal things i took are Clenbuterol and Ephedrine, nothing hormonal too.

My family doctor suggested that i try Testosterone gel for a month, i bought it and returned it to the pharmacy as i thought it’s not the best thing to do right now.

I’m going to see another family doctor this week to see what we have to do.

What do you think about the Testosterone gel for a month btw?

After four days on DAA (last ditch effort before starting TRT) I quit my job so I could devote 100% of my time to sitting on the toilet.

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Can you please reply?

I’m not unreal, but I can answer that.

Testosterone gel is a bad idea for anyone, in my opinion. T-gel is a form of testosterone replacement therapy. And 1 month is absolutely idiotic. The gel won’t boost your natural production, it will do exactly the opposite. The ONLY reason you would want do the gel for any period of time is if you have decided you want to commit to a lifetime of TRT. And if that’s the decision you’ve come to, you should be injecting, not using a gel. Injections are a far superior form of TRT.

My advice is to exhaust all the natural methods of testosterone boosting before going the TRT route.

I can’t remember the particulars at all, but I do remember reading something about how weight training can make it appear as though the trainees test levels are through the floor.

Maybe someone with a better memory or knowledge base knows what I’m referring to.

What flip said, testosterone gel for a month is a terrible idea, I can’t fathom why people reccomend things like these, you can’t use trt as a ‘trial’ period, it isn’t like viagra or cialis where you can take it for a couple weeks to see if it helps then stop, testosterone shuts you down, not to mention that the absorption rates for testosterone gels are a crapshoot, various conditions related to the thyroid, insulin sensitivity, BF percentage, lifestyle and more will determine how effective the gel is.

TRT really isn’t something you want, it’s a pain in the ass (literally)