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D-Aspartic Acid

I did my first cycle with daa after being suggested it from a friend.Wanted to see how others/if there are others who used it. I took straight DAA, not some nugenix test booster with a skimpy amount in it. the first week I took about 3.2 grams a day, after that the following three weeks so was 6-7 gems a day split. Strength gains were there, everything for the most part went up about 20-30 pounds, bench from 275 to 305, squat from 275 to 315, deadlift from 365 to 395. My main concern is follow on. Did people continue to use it or was it a one and done deal. I personally liked it, I’m about 2 weeks post cycle from it and I’m leaning towards another. Share your experiences! I think at the least, another cycle would prove the benefits, or the fact that I’ve pulled my head out of my a**.