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D Aspartic Acid?


Has anyone else here used D Aspartic Acid (DAA) with any meaningfull or worthwhile outcomes from it? I have been hearing that 3-5g a day for 6+ weeks can be pretty damn helpful for natty's in both strength and lean mass development.

The science I have looked into is sparse and more or less equivocal due to differences in dose, and population studied and the form of DAA used.


I havent used it but there are threads already with posts of peoples reviews. search feature is your friend.


yeah use the search function, there's been a few threads about this. I used it, but stopped after a few days because I was getting acne.





Started on what will be a 3g per day dosing protocol of primaforce DAA. Shit is unlfavored and bitter but that means its the good stuff as all free form amino acids should taste like such as far as I know.

Will how this goes for he next 6 weeks with it. Using it with pre workout meal every day or post cardio on no lift days.


did shit-all besides jack up my prolactin levels. first few days gave me a libido boost from hell, and then 7 days into it my estrogen and/or prolactin shot up and all hell broke loose. if you check forums it happens to alot of guys who take it too.


I noticed the libido boost but that tapered off after 2 days. I still use it occasionally (mainly because I hate wasting stuff). In that case, it's in the morning on an empty stomach (as research suggests). From the online research, including early promise from T-Nation, this doesn't appear the ultimate t-boosting holy grail supp as first thought. Just my opinion!


Pretty sure I had the same thing happen. Felt great first few days then not so much.

Lifts only went down when using it.

Taking an anti-aromatase might help but at that point, why bother?

I threw away what was left of my bottle after my second run through.


I cycle it 6 weeks on, a few weeks off, and I really like it a lot. If you cycle it correctly, you should be able to better see the results. A friend of mine did got his test levels checked before he used DAA and then after and there was a profound increase. So for those that say it "doesn't work," IMO, you are either a very small minority that isn't affected by it or are overestimating it's power...it's not like injecting test, it boosts your natural test levels.


When do you take it?

I thought about taking it (3g?) about 2 hours after waking up, supposedly one of the two points in the day (the other being 11 hours after rising, i think) when your T levels are supposed to rise.

You are also taking nettle root, I believe. What dosage and how do you take it?


do you take any AI's? also, i know there has been some discussion in the past about some companies selling inferior forms of DAA or sketchy products in general. which forms should we be looking for and could you recommend a brand or two (hopefully this isn't a problem as Biotest does not offer DAA)?


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Any chance your friend will continue to have periodic blood work done to see how long the elevated levels are sustainable on DAA? I'd love to see some data on whether it's actually necessary to cycle it and with what periodicity even if it's only a single user's experience.


His total T went up or his free T went up? Did SHBG also increase as well?


Been on for two weeks so far at 3g first thing in AM and 3g around 8pm. I'm also taking a god anti E along with it and another natural T booster that contains Mucuna Pruriens SE (20% L dopa), which helps with the prolactin levels. Haven't tried it as a stand alone so I really can't comment in that aspect. But as a piece of the puzzle it's working out great. I've run the same supps I'm on for a while and added the DAA in and it's made noticeable changes. So far I love the stuff. It seemed like it took till I got into the end of my second week to really feel things changing. Hardness is up ( in more ways than one) vascularity, strength and intensity is up as well. I'm going to run in for 4-6 weeks and then take a break.


i was taking DIM with it initially, and then i took it with "DS Triazole" and mucuna puriens, still got the estro/prolactin sides. nothing gives me the boost i get from tribulus and tongkat without sides.


What brand DAA were you using? I'm taking DS Activate and Triazole with it and I'm loving it. I'm just using bulk DAA from NP. DAA seems to either work great or not at all. Strange.



Why can't it be a threesome? :frowning:


i was using bulk DAA from NP for 1.5 weeks and then would alternate it with the pills from SNS (pills with breakfast or bulk in my preworkout mix). funny cause when i added the SNS DAA i got the same "new" effects as when i started the NP DAA and then it disappeared.


That's weird. It seems it's been just the opposite for me. It took till just recently, the end of my second week, for me to really feel and see a difference.