D-Aspartic Acid

Anytime one increases testosterone there is the follow on effect of raising estrogen.
This happens whether you inject exogenous test, HcG, take Clomid or Tamoxifin, take Alpha Male (for those who respond to this)…anything that raises your hormone levels.

To me, this “scare” is another “proof” that D-aspartic acid works for some as an effective T-booster. When you play with manipulation of hormones via pharmaceutical means or “natural supplement” means (I am one to look at either as exogenous intake), you have to understand that there is a cascading hormonal downstream effect. In this case, increased T always results in increasd E depending on YOUR body’s physiological make up (if you have higher aromatase than another, of course you’re going to have more T to E conversion).

A little arimidex in every man’s arsenal goes a long long way to helping with this.