D-Aspartic Acid Supplements?

Any good supplements on the market with D-aspartic acid in them? Too much D-aspartic acid consumption has been linked with alzeihmers disease according to a reasearch conducted by the university of virginia… Guys whats your input on d-aspartic acid?

Search function, use it.

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Search function, use it. [/quote]

Have done.

I’ve had good experiences with it, either on its own or stacked with a reputable Test booster that shall remain nameless. Are you looking to just get the bulk powder (best way to go) or find a product that incorporates it into its blend? Hit me up for more info on results/what to expect if you want to.

Jase, thanks for your post, i’ll PM you tonight!

Jase, thanks for your post, i’ll PM you tonight!

Thanks Jase, will PM you tonight in regards to the above!

Search…and then post in the appropriate thread instead of making yet another DAA thread…