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D-Aspartic Acid Supplements for Women?

I have a quick question about supposed testosterone-inducing supplements. I have been reading a lot about women taking these supplements (supposed to shred fat, gain muscle, increase performance, increase libido). The main ingredient in these supplements are D-Aspartic Acid (which is not recommended for women to take?) and Vitamin D.

I’m almost finished with a bottle I purchased last month (testofuel). I am 53, 5’4", 130 lbs, wear a size XS or size 2-3 (depending on the clothes). Measurements are 36 x 25 x 37 (almost to my goal!). I am also 1.5 years post menopause. I started taking this last month to assist in fat loss (I am currently doing a program designed for fat loss by Christian for the last 2 months…I used to drop fat so fast, not so much after menopause.) It should also be noted that before my hormonal changes, I had very low estrogen to begin with. I always had to take low estrogen birth control as my body is very sensitive to estrogen (nausea) if I did not take small microdoses

My results so far since taking the supplement?
Well, my obliques are showing big time and my abs are finally somewhat visible (lost about half of my little pooch belly, I had 3 kids with minimal stretch marks). My glutes are rounder, hammies are a little more defined and a layer of fat is leaving them as we speak. I have always struggled with upper body gains, which are beginning to come along now. I am so happy with the results, I almost have back my 30 year old body! I was probably 20% body fat before taking the bottle, maybe now 19%? Almost to my goal of 18% ( less that that is not sustainable for my metabolism.). I have not taken measurements yet as my tape is all packed up (in the process of moving). One interesting thing is that my libido is usually crazy out of control (yes, even post menopause, my poor husband lol), but have found that it has decreased a little after taking this supplement. I still have a sex drive, but it is much more controlled than it was before. I thought it was supposed to increase it in women? Mine dipped down a little. Weird. I kinda miss my crazy libido.

My only concern with taking this is that I am reading that women should not take D-Aspartic Acid. One article concludes that since women do not have testicles, the D-Aspartic Acid is not actually used by woman. If this is the case, why did I have so much progress while taking this supplement? Vitamin D might be the contributing factor, I’m not sure. I was taking 5000/ui’s of VitD before taking this supplement and have ceased taking it while taking the supplement. I believe the supplement has 4000/ui’s of VitD per dose ( you take 4 doses a day). All I can say is that there is visible progress. Husband can see the progress as well, but does not know that I am taking this supplement.

Anyone have any feedback on this? I am waiting for my second bottle to come, will probably stop taking after this second bottle.

Which brings up another question. Wonder what is going to happen to my progress when I stop taking it. Will it all go away?

What does your diet look like? I ask because most times people don’t actually have to take supplements if they’re being vigilant about what and how they eat. In general, supplements are mostly just pushed onto the public for marketing and wishing to take folks’ money.

I’m also wanting ask why you’re taking either supplement? Like what is it that you’re trying to get out of taking them?

What does your training set-up look like?

I am a man and the first time i took d-asphartic it was crazy how my libido was insane. When i finish the bottle my libido drop drasticly. I bought a few others bottles of DAA but i never get back the feeling of the first time. More i was using it i felt like i have less libido when i was taking it.

Im curious how you will feel with the second bottle let me know

I am currently working a 4 day a week workout (four days with a training program by Christian…high weight, low rep for three days, isolation workout for one). I try to eat my weight in protein, usually hitting at least 90g on a bad day, I only eat certain carbs (quinoa, rye flour only, jasmine rice and carby fruits). I eat a good amount of fats (egg yolks, nuts, olive oil). I only eat sugar once a while, usually in the form of dark chocolate or the occasional cookie or baby ice cream cone. I strive for 1550-1650 calories a day. I drink over 64 oz of water. I eat mainly nuts, turkey, chicken, veggies, bananas and every kind of berry I can get my hands on. My husband used to pick on me as I used to measure my food with a food scale, I do it mainly on visual only now. Sometimes I will weigh to make sure I am not going over, but my dishes hold exactly what I want (those glass pyrex ones…they re a lifesaver). My family hates having me over for dinners because I do not eat like them and they rarely have approved foods (besides eggs and fruit like everyone has).

The reason I am taking them in the first place is to shed that last bit of fat. I have been working out since my old body builder boyfriend got me started when I was 20 (I’m 53 now). I took years off here and there for kids, career, etc. 10 years ago, I quit smoking and went from 113lbs to 150lbs in a little over a month. I was devastated! Size 3 to size 10 in one month. I was also peri-menopause at the time. Well, all this time later, I am almost back to my pre-smoking weight…and I managed to lose that weight while finishing the last years of menopause (completed it 2 years ago this May). I have been struggling like crazy to lose that last bit of fat. I stated before I am about 20% body fat, was looking to get to 18% but was struggling. I began reading a lot of articles about testosterone boosters helping women and though, what do I have to lose? I have seen great progress with just one bottle and will only take one more.

So you see, I am very vigilant about what I eat. I am vigilant about my workout routine. I have been having the hardest time losing that last little bit. The supplement has helped greatly. One of the ingredients has helped me, that is an honest fact. I have seen it myself. The plateau has begun moving again after taking the supplement. I agree with you on this opinion about supplements, I feel the same way about them (and weight loss supplements).


Unlike yours, mine was super crazy UNTIL I started the supplement. A month in and my husband and I have fun regularly, but my drive isn’t what it was before taking the supplement. I will be taking one more bottle and then stopping. I will let you know if my sex drive comes back full force or not. I sure as hell hope so!

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Thanks for sharing all that.

I’m not a coach, nor a doctor…just a strong younger lady. So I figured maybe I could…idk give a couple of suggestions?

So you’re post menopause. Got it. I’m just gonna say you no longer have periods for layman’s terms for myself (simplification works for me).

Alright. So we’re trying to get those last stubborn bits of fat off. Gotcha. So I’m just using deduction here, but let’s use me as an example. I’m 25, meaning I’m still young, I have periods and all that jazz.

It irritates me that there’s just not shit for data concerning women and muscle growth. So most times I just try to use educated deduction in my own pursuits.

The one thing I’ve noticed concerning my own training that helps a lot is to factor in my monthly cycles. I’ve started to notice a pattern. And even though you are now post menopause, there’s still remnants of a “cycle” to be had.

If you’re at all familiar with FSH and LH, I think you could use those two very important hormones to your advantage. Follicular stimulating hormone, and luteinising hormones are actually increased much more after menopause. FSH more so than LH.

FSH provides a boost in Testosterone levels, so I’m thinking maybe up your current dosage by a small bit during the phase that would kind of simulate the lead-up to ovulation.and monitor whatever progress or changes you note? Again, I know you’re post menopause, but even post menopausal women still ovulate, but to a much lesser degree.

I’m trying to make sure I make sense here. So…essentially maybe make a schedule of sorts, one where it’s similar to a monthly cycle, and adjust here and there. So usually we break a cycle up into 28-30ish day yeah? We usually will split that up into 2, two-week periods. So instead of doing that perhaps stretch it. Treat your supposed FSH “cycle” as if it stretches to a month, instead of two weeks. Make sense?

I’m not sure how someone would go about monitoring such levels in a way that you could draw physical data from it (unless there are specific tests that can monitor it. There might be I just haven’t done any research on it) so my next best suggestion would be to bio-regulate. Ergo, just monitoring the physical changes you note within your body.

After that would be to simulate a LH “cycle”. LH cycle is the usual preparation for either fertilization or the oncoming of a period. But we know your body now no longer has a need to prep for either. However, as mentioned before post menopause women still carry similar “cycles”. (Im saying “cycles” for lack of a better word, but I’m mostly just referring to the ongoing production of hormones that sort of kind of follow similar patterns in both pre, peri, and post women.)

Usually it’s suggested to back of the heavier stuff, along with frequency and shift to more fat loss focused protocol. During that time perhaps you could develop something akin to a “blast and cruise” type of pattern? (If you’re familiar with that?)

So…with all of that being said, let’s sayyyyyy… maybe keep a steady dosage of the product you’re using for your own selected amount of time, up the dosage in something similar to the “blast” portion of a cycle, stretch it out maybe a month’s worth of time, go back to the baseline amount you were using, and then lower the dose for your own set amount of time. The lowering portion or the “cruise” part, I believe would help facilitate maybe some ever so slightly more aggressive weight loss that you’re hoping to see? While the “blasting” portion would help to facilitate muscle growth, hence helping with the fat loss portion. Considering you’ve got an advantage over the lack of estrogen and progesterone, replaced with (usual) higher levels of FSH and LH, maybe give it a try?

Again, this is all just deduction from my behalf. Using what all information I do come across, and apply to my own goals, I tried to use the best reasoning I could for ya.

I agree. I am currently pursuing my CPT certification and plan to target women in my situation, that is after I figure out how to deal with me lol.

I agree with this as well and still see remnants of it (mainly in the form of libido and personal response only. My libido is usually very, very high to begin with, it gets even worse with my ghost cycle, as I call it. I have been working on honing in on that benefits of training with a cycle.

I am very familiar with them. And what you say does make sense. I was planning on doing this for two reasons…1) to try to work it with my cycle and 2) to find a plan to wean off after this next bottle so that I don’t stop cold turkey and put weight back on. As it is now, I can wear a bare midriff with confidence, not an entire 8 pack, but def a 4 pack with a small micro-keg lol.

I will not be able to draw data from blood tests and the like, but I do keep a workout journal daily and periodically revisit my food journal to be sure I am staying on track, plus bi-weekly measurements. I am hoping that I can use this data to determine which direction to go in, like a trial and error.

My main question about this whole thing was whether D-Aspartic Acid supplements are processed by the female body in such way to be beneficial for targeted goals. One school says yes, the other says no because they do not have testes. I will tell you right now, taking that first bottle did push me past the plateau I was trying to get through. I will not be taking these too much longer, just to finish off the second bottle.

Well if you want my opinion, I’d definitely say yes. And I’d say to keep with it for the remainder of you using the product. Maybe even track any differences you note as well?

I do want your opinion, and I tend to agree with you after the results I have seen so far. I will be tracking all progress!

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So after you use the last of product you have, what would be your plans going forward? Like anything specific?

You know, I am not sure. I really want my libido back. Really bad. I mean, its “okay”, maybe more like it is for most normal women. I will probably stop all together to see how my body responds. I am hoping that it is not something that I have to be on all the time, meaning I hope this little experiment doesn’t backfire on me lol.

what do you suggest I do?