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D-Aspartic Acid Protocol


20/Male/6'3/190/About 8%BF/Training primarily for Endurance and Strength- wanting to be an SF operator in the Army.
Alright so I picked up some DAA(sort of on impulse) the other day before doing much research. I knew already that it was supposed to increase test levels which is obviously always of interest.

It was 15 bucks for 33 servings at 3g per scoop so I figured why not. I know my test levels are basically peaked at 20 so I expected not much more than increased libido/mood and speeded recovery. After getting home and doing loads of research, like I typically do, I have again confirmed that the internet is filled with lots of conflicting information.

But I think the gist is that it increases test by up to approximately 30-40% after 12 days then levels out and begins to drop back to normal levels. I also know that with elevated test levels comes elevated estrogen; however, the guy who sold it to me insists the increase isn't substantial enough to see any sides! I've read though that it may increase prolactin, which I obviously want to avoid.

So currently I'm taking a whey isolate, a ZMA, and recently got some nitraflex I take before lifting days (4 per week). My question is how will DAA affect my dopamine levels because I've read mixed opinions on that. Do I need to worry about prolactin- I know B6 actually helps reduce that, which is found in my ZMA.

Should I take an AI like erase for maximal benefits during this "cycle", if you will. How does this stack look/is anything not needed or unsafe?

DAA: 3G -morning with pre or just before breakfast
Erase(or erase pro)- not sure of dosages yet
Dopadex-also unsure of dosage
And then of course my ZMA and protein/pre

I've just sort of gotten into more in depth studies of how testosterone ACTUALLY works and all the different options. Looking at Pro-hormones and some gear to help assist get to where i wanna be for SF training(meaning extreme muscular and cardio endurance as well as functional strength, minus added weight.) It's all extremely interesting to me and its a lot to learn, some of you guys are fucking geniuses; no bro science on this site.

Thanks guys, ANY advice/criticism is welcomed.


I tried that stuff and after a few days my nipples got bigger and puffy... But I do carry around a tad too much lard around my waist (I guess about 14-16% bodyfat), so that might contribute to a lot of testosterone conversion. I might give it a try again after losing some weight, but if I get the same effects again, I will toss it.

With all the conflicting information on the internet, it seems like it affects different people differently (who would have guessed), so you best try for yourself.