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D-Aspartic Acid & Other D-Form Aminos


That's actually a 40% increase in 14 days.



I dont think anyone really knows if it's better to take DAA on an empty stomach or with food. Here's what the researchers did:

"Every morning at breakfast for 12 consecutive days subjects in the first group were invited to consume, by mouth a solution of 10 ml of 2.0 M sodium D-aspartate (3.12 g/10 ml) supplemented with vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B12 and diluted in half a glass of water or fruit juice. This solution is marketed in Italy under the name DADAVIT® (Pharmaguida s.r.l., Italy) and used as a supplement to increase the quality of human seminal fluid."

Since blood was sampled in the morning (24 hr after the previous dose), it is unclear if DAA has an acute effect (not likely IMO) or a chronic one. It would also be interesting to know what happened to free T, the ratio of T to E, etc. Hopefully, some of the companies that are making $ off DAA will step up to the plate and sponsor some research.

Bottom line: Until we know more, take DAA like the subjects in the study did (on an empty stomach).



12 days.




I can definitely feel it working. This stuff rocks. I'm not sure how it will pay off as far as increased muscle gains, but I can actually feel the difference about an hour after a dose.


what exactly are you feeling? Energy, good-mood, pump, more endurance?? Have you you noticed adifference in your workouts yet?


Mostly mood and sex drive, the latter is way up. I can't say whether energy levels or pump are changed as I take a bunch of stuff that would affect that. Endurance is not usually affected by testosterone is it?


I would guess it could only help....? Not an expert and not gonna pretend to be...LOL. Please keep us updated Im very interested. If you dont mind what brand did you purchase? and do u mix it with something or is it in pill form?


Endurance can be improved by increased testosterone (hence, for example, obtaining an advantage from it in the Tour de France.)


Thats what I was thinking....but wasnt sure and didnt wanna run my mouth


Ah, I see. Nothin like EPO, but I guess it makes sense that it would offer improvement. I thought those guys used it more for recovery, so it would provide a secondary benefit on endurance through more frequent training, but I honestly don't understand any of the science, so I'll take your word for it.

**Edit: I just realized (through searching the interwebz) that test may increase erthropoetin after all.


What doesn't testosterone make better?


I'm interested in what happens after you come off of it


Just ordered some, I'll let you guys know how it goes for me.


does the chelated(epharm) make that big a difference in terms of delivery or effectiveness? From your experience.


oh and thanks for answering my question fellas


Well, all I can say is that the chelated one has a more mild taste - it's less sour, although it does have a weird mild (almost metallic) flavor that the NP powder does not have. I doubt there is a major difference, but i can't speak with confidence because I only took the e-pharm one a couple times thus far to see how the flavor was. It also is noticeably more soluble. Although the NP brand one does not have a terrible solubility issue anyways. I actually prefer the sour taste of the NP powder over the chelated stuff, although perhaps, at least in theory, the chelated stuff should be slightly more effective.


Got my shipment today.


Ditto, take morning or night?


I took it in the morning since that's the only time my stomach is empty for the most part.


I usually take it 30 minutes before lunch or 2 hours after lunch if breakfast and lunch were too close together. I forget how they timed it in the study, if anyone remembers...