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D-Aspartic Acid Before a Cycle


How long before hormone levels regulate after using DAA for 8 weeks? Going into a cycle I want to be at baseline before I begin. I would think I doesn't take more than two weeks for E and T to be brought back to normal.


Come on you penises, someone has to know if it matters starting your cycle on DAA or how long it takes for natural E and T to come back to ones normal level!


It probably doesn't matter, since I doubt DAA works anyway.

There's only one study that actually supports it having test-boosting properties.

Add to that the fact that it doesn't make sense from a biochemical perspective. DAA may be used in signalling, but is produced naturally in the body from levo-aspartic acid by an enzyme (aspartate racemase, IIRC). It's produced in an equilibrium reaction and isn't tied to another exergonic process. As such, it seems unlikely that this is a tightly regulated process and is definitely a highly reversible one.

So what does it all mean? When you supplement with DAA, whatever survives its first pass unchanged probably just shifts the equilibrium to favour producing LAA from DAA. So the majority of what you're ingesting is probably just a pricy amino acid supplement.

While it's possible that some of it might do its intended job as a signalling molecule, I've only ever seen that one (rather crappy) study from Italy supporting its use as a test-booster. Seems more likely that it's just another fad test-booster that will die soon enough like the 9 million snake oil test-boosters that preceded it.


Yep, boosting test with DAA doesn't seem to work in healthy males.

OP: Since it's very likely that DAA didn't do shit for you, you don't have to take its effects into account for your plans.


Daa does work in healthy males. It is because most of the amino acid present in the food supply is l aspartic acid and d aspartic acid has a greater effect on the production of testosterone. It is kind of like curing a zinc deficiency. That said, superdosing it for 8 weeks is dumb. You will more likely suffer the increases in prolactin and estrogen rather than any additional benefit from test. 1 month on, 1 month off is better. You will not get steroid like results. But if you combine it with an estrogen blocker, you can make a few gains.


Says who? Studies disagree.


Says me and my friends. I notice some very obvious signs. More frequent erections, a little more aggression in the gym. My balls increase .2 inches in length after about 15 days. Only negative effect Ive noticed is sleep problems if i take it before bed. I have not studied why. More or less I do not really view d aspartic acid as having signaling powers like clomid/nolva. I view it as putting more tools in the tool box.


The 42 percent was also supposedly in "healthy males". I think it has more promise then herbals.


It does boost your natural T and there are boatloads of Quest bloods that show a good boost in normal healthy individuals...and if you have never used it, then you can't really comment on jack shit besides word on the Internet. It's is just that, adding a little boost to the engine.

Obviously if you use gear and jump on it, it would seem weak as hell. Cause in that regard... It is. Lol You don't need as estrogen blocker as it does not raise test nor estrogen high enough. I agree 4 to 6 weeks on and equal time off is best. As it takes 2 weeks to ramp the levels up anyway. And it's cheap as hell run it. But that's not what this thread is about...

So I'm just gonna step of it for a month before i cycle and not have to worry about it. Besides once I start cycling I will have no need for the DAA in the future anyway. Lol.


I've used it plenty of times. I notice a generally consistent slight, transient boost in libido about 3 days after beginning that levels off after about a week. However, I attribute it mostly to placebo effect. Nonetheless, it's an effect I enjoy, so I don't really care if it comes from placebo or not. It's just not something I think is worth the money to continue taking.

In any case, it's kind of poor logic anyway to say that someone who hasn't tried it can't have a valid opinion. I've never tried heroin. Does that mean it's wrong for me to believe it's a nasty drug unless I actually try it first?

Lots of bloods do not verify it. For all we know there could be 99 people with bloods that do not support the hypothesis for every result that supports it. Additionally, there are many other factors that can influence TT results enough to prove to be significant confounds. This has also been an issue with the scientific approach to test-boosters. Inattention to confounding factors (as well as inability to control for them) and failure to account for possible confounds in statistical analysis, small sample sizes, lack of replication, and researchers with possible agendas has left me with a very cynical outlook towards this aspect of science.


I see. Placing an order as I type this.


Apoc, point taken. You cynic and pessimist. I don't think its poor logic and saying Heroin is to DAA, is a bit much. Thats like saying in a absurd way that the sides are concurrent with heroin, so you won't try it...And you won't try it because you're not going to respond to the drug. Lol There is a split it seems to responders and non's. There are plenty of supps people love that didn't do anything for me (creatine, etc.)

However beyond placebo effect I get much more response out of it that you do, and I've used it about 3 different times over the past 2 years, all with the same effects. There are some that don't notice much, nor respond. Its not worth arguing over a $5 amount of DAA per month...not really. lol Your opinions are rational and valid. Using something much more scientifically backed and researched that works should be wonderful and is the call. My post was kinda lame to begin with LMAO.


I like combining daa with prescribed cabergoline. I've had sex in 4 seconds with that delightful combo.


Mennotin, that is irrelevant to this thread. Please stay focused.


What you meant to say is you last 45-60 minutes and want to do it again within 15 minutes of the first session, and you are seriously considering entering the porn industry because its seems fun.


Apoc, you have my permission to never use DAA again.


Hrmm..not sure what to make of this.


Myosin. I do not know what to make of it either honestly. Ive noticed that the further decended teste has more growth than the less decended one. I measure them with any testosterone booster or AI just in case of any shutdown problems. I do not know if the increases libido increases sperm quantity (kind of like how if you have sex for 30 minutes your load is bigger than if you have a short sex session it seems) or if it is from an increase in testosterone production. Nothing outstanding either way.


Up and ready in 4 secs or finished in 4 secs...

Either way I can't wait to get my hands on some caber.


Finished in 4 seconds. Ready to go again in another 15. Medical grade cabergoline will do some magic.