D Aspartic Acid and Aromatization

Hi there,

I decided to buy myself some DAA but have read if you have higher levels of bodyfat, you’re more susecptible to aromatization. My bodyfat is around 20%, although when I had my test levels tested last year my estrogen levels were low-ish, should I use an AI in addition to the DAA?


T–>E2 aromatization rates vary with serum levels of bio-available T and with the amount of aromatase. For fat means more aromatase. For your body, your T–>E2 rate will be determined by your T levels. What you use to increase T levels is not a factor.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky. Stay away from pro-hormones.

Note that we do not typically have a need to discuss DAA and other test boosters in this forum. The guys who come here are in need of bigger guns.

Thanks for the response. Why are you not keen on DAA?

I can appreciate that it’s better to improve your testosterone levels without supplementation but I’ve read a number of articles recently (including one by Poliquin) espousing the benefits of it, so am quite surprised by your stance.

For someone who has a HPTA that works well, DAA can increase T levels. If your HPTA is not working well, DAA will not work well. Guys who come here have hypogonadism. With primary, DAA will not work. With secondary, their LH/FSH secretion from the pituitary is not sufficient. If DAA yields TT=300–>400, that is not going to resolve their symptoms. What are your symptoms? Post your labs.

If you cannot loose weight, the problem can be from low T and/or thyroid issues.