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D-Aspartic Acid - 2 Questions


I got incredible results from D-POL which has D-Aspartic Acid to raise testosterone levels. In fact, I gained 85 pounds on the chest press in 4 months. Far surpassing all the plateaus I hit in the past. I’m totally sold on this supplement.

I finally cycled off of D-POL for one month, and have not noticed much in the way of decreased strength, and some exercises I have continued to add weight to, just a bit more gradually. Except that is for the chest press… my 8-rep went down by 50 pounds! WTF

Question 1:
As I said, the only exercise I lost of a lot of strength on during the off cycle was the chest press. I lost 50 pounds on this exercise. So I was wondering why that’s the only lift that lost so much strength and if anyone else has experienced similar strength loss during an off cycle?

Question 1:
Do you need to cycle D-POL? I have gotten so many different bits of advice on this and I am now thoroughly confused. Some say no, others say yes, and it’s anywhere from 1 mos. on/2 weeks off … all the way up to 3 mos. on/1 mos. off. Personally, I used it for 4 months before any gains started to slow down. So I’m off for one month now.

If anyone has any insight on cycling supps and how to maintain strength gains during off cycles, would really appreciate the advice.