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I am thinking of using the MRP Cytoplex. I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on the product. Im trying to cut down my bodyfat and heard that this was a good product. Any comments would help.

I’m using the stuff now, along with 5 other brands of MRPs. In my opinion, it’s no different than any others, although it does have a tiny bit of fiber that others are missing. The chocolate is rich, much better tasting than Myoplex in my opinion.

Don’t waste your money! In my book - it’s either Biotest’s GROW! or Myoplex - HANDS DOWN.

Although I have never tried Cytoplex, I have tried Xendarine in the past. It was no different than any other ECA stack. I also tried Cytodyne and didn’t see or feel any results/difference. Company has good marketing and advertising…IMO

I have tried both the vanilla and chocolate versions of this product and they both taste dammed awfull, especially the chocolate. In addition, they gave me gas. As far as the fat loss claims, it did not work for me. I believe that their fat loss claims are nothing but marketing hype.

I like the taste of both the cytoplex’s. It does offer some fiber that suppose to keep you full longer. If the price is the same as the other MRP’s then I don’t see a problem.

Wow, quite a divergence of opinion on the taste of Cytoplex. I would guess that those who find the taste acceptable are mixing it with milk which I did not since it was part of my weight reduction diet. Of the four MRP’s that I have used. (Myoplex, Cytoplex, Fuelplex, Grow), Grow is the only one that tastes good when mixed with water.

I have tried the chocolate. The taste was okay, nothing to brag about. Gave me an upset stomach and more gas than normal. I’d advise against it.

I mix it with water as i do with all my mrp’s, but i do let it set in the fridge for an hour after mixing.