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Anyone have blood pressure problems using Cytomel T4. I was using 50mg ED with 60mg ED of OT. Stating the third week I would have a couple episodes a day where my skin would turn red and I would get warm all over. My wife would even ask if I had been overdoing it in her tanning bed, On the first day of the fourth week I was doing my chest workout. On the second rep of the first working set it felt like someone jammed a hot ice pick into my forehead. After the second set I stood up and had to sit back down I was so dizzy. I finished my work out just with lighter weights. The next day I went to the doctor and my blood pressure was extremly high. The two days prior to the incident I had a dull pain headache all day both days. None of this is is normal for me. I cant remember the last time I had a headache before this and I always here how good my blood pressure is. I have begun tapering off the Cytomel and the all day headaches are getting better. Thanks BRUIN4LIFE