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Is Cytomel illegal?
Can you only get it on prescription?
If not, any ideas where I can get some?


If you’re asking such a simple question, then let me tell you this: T3 (Cytomel) isn’t for you. You haven’t done enough research on it to know how to use it properly since you don’t even know it requires a prescription in the U.S. It’s legal if your doctor prescribes it for Thyroid problems, otherwise you would need to get in a foreign country or through a gear source. It’s cheap and easily attainable, but extremely dangerous to play with (unlike most steroids, the damage caused by T3 if not taken properly in periods of no longer than 3-4 weeks, are irreversible for the rest of your life.) Do yourself a favor and type in “Cytomel” in the search by subject area in the left hand side of this forum and read up all the information you can on it that’s been written by Bill Roberts. Once you know the info inside out, then you can begin looking for a source, not right now that you appear so ignorant about the subject.