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I have read many differing ways of dosing cytomel cycles. I plan on adding it to my aternating ECA and clen I do every 3 weeks. I wanted to add it to the clen run or possiblly do 6 weeks (some say this is too long) and run it through the clen as well as the eca cycles then stop for either 3 or 6 weeks. I will not be adding an AAS to the cycle so I was thinking about going with Bill Roberts advice and doing 12.5 ED. What are opinions on this vs going up slow to 75 or 100mcg. It seems that many are now going away from tapering the dose down at the end and just stopping abruptly letting your natural T3 kick back in on its own.

Has anyone done 3-6+ weeks of cytomel at 12.5 and if so what kind of weight did you drop? Did you lose much LBM at 12.5?

Haven’t used it myself, but I soon will. I also just read some encouraging material that showed it only takes three-weeks time for TSH levels to return to baseline even after upwards of 100mcg/day administration for several weeks. I was always suspect about this mantra that T3 can and will destroy your thyriod, because only radioactive iodine will do that. Anyway just thought I’d share that info for you or anyone worried about TSH suppression.

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Anyone with anymore info for me.

Thanks Galv