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Cytomel (T-3)/Clenbuterol


I can purchase 100 tabs of 25mcg for the price of $35 (usd). Does this sound like a good price or am I getting ripped off? I'm not sure on the value of this drug because I have never taken it. Also I'd like to add if you want my source of the T-3 pm me and I'll link you up and you can take a look at the site yourself.

I can also get 20x20mcg of Clenbuterol for $15 (usd). Does this seem like a fair price as well? Both of these are from the same source and it is located in Mexico.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I'm just looking for a little help for weight loss. These coupled with my 3miles per day should turn some pretty good results in a few weeks I would imagine.


ETA-I'm looking to try a 4-6 week cycle of these two for greatest results.


I can get 50 tabs of 20mcg. each for $25 plus s&h which totals to $40, so yes I'd say that is a pretty good deal.


Have you done research on these?

How are you going to cycle them?

Make sure you know what your doing before cycling T-3 and Clen.



My friend used cytomel alone and the results he got was them same he got off the older HOT-ROX formulation.Plus HOT-ROX is safer,you don't have to worry about fucking up your thyriod production forever.


It take three weeks for thyroid levels to return to baseline after T3 therapy. Is this myth of T3-induced thyroid death ever going to end?


I have done a little research but was hoping for some help when it came to cycling. I was going to pyrmid the cycle over a 6 week period, but still not sure yet.


Buddy,I never said it will kill you,I said its dangerous and COULD fuck up your thyroid production.Especailly if you misuse because you don't know WHAT THE FUCK you're doing.Quit trying to start some shit when there is no shit to start troll.


T3 will not shut down production forever, you can take radioactive iodine that will if thats what you want, but T3 won't do it. What exactly is a troll anyway?