Cytomel Sucess Stories

Im thinking about taking cytomel in a few months just to get my bf to around 7-8%. Im around 14% right now and im just wondering what you guys have to say about cytomel. Any good/bad experiences shared would be helpful.

I have never used the stuff excessively as I know it can be a dangerous compound. There is some argument as to how much or should I say how permament/ lengthy natural t3 suppression lasts following a heavy cytomel cycle.

I can say that I have used it with some success @ just 12.5 mg daily, along with hotrox. At this dose, it is not enough to cause natural t3 suppression, but just enough to give you a litte boost. I also stacked it with some clenbuterol and eca (2 week flip-flop) for my last contest diet.

If you like pm me and I point you in the direction of some good articles.