Cytomel (Liothyronine) Shuts You Down?

Guys, does cytomel shut down your natural production of t3 in the body?

I just started taking 10 mcg daily to lower a high RT3 and incrrease a low normal t3.

Just saw a video stating that minimum dose should be 25 mcg daily as this is what the body produces naturally? They said it was like injecting testosterone and needing a dose high enough to compensate suppression of natural production.

How accurate is this?

You work your way up in dose. 25 mcg is the recommended starting dosage I believe. I’m pretty sure my dad takes 75mg. I’m pretty sure at a certain point it shuts down natural production.

It is, it’s synthetic so generally dosed heavier than bioidentical T3. It’s been reported that the bioidentical works better with less, but I do not know that first hand. It will shut you down.

So 10 mcg of t3 will just shut me down and it would put me at an even lower level of t3 then when on nothing?

Even the people that know a little about thyroid here don’t know shit because it’s so damn complicated even compared to TRT. Go to stopthethyroidmadness (dot) com and read what they say about T3. They have good info on dosing and starting thyroid meds

It didn’t for me. I am on 25 mcg, and my body still produces T4 (body converts T4 into T3 and RT3).

The reason you are taking cytomel is to reduce the amount of T4 being created, since the less T4 that is made the less of it can be converted to RT3 (what you are trying to reduce).

You would be able to tell with blood work. See if you still have T4 being produced, and how much is being produced compared to when you started. I don’t think thyroid does complete shutdown like the testes do (more like suppression to a degree).

It can, depends on the dose.

If you take only T4 or T3 you shut down thyroid, thats why in most cases it is better to take a compunded combo of both

Being shut down isn’t really an issue, the thyroid bounces back quite quickly, much more quickly than when stopping TRT.

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No need to take t4 in my case. My free t3 is in the upper range and all it does is convert mostly to RT3.

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It was a typo. I meant to write t4. Fixed it.

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Im in the same boat, started T3 6mcg per day for the same reason as recommended by Defy. They advised me to try to increase to 25 weekly by 5, in my case by 6 because I cut the tablet in 4. My other option was to start a combo of T3/T4 like NDT, but dr Saya convinced me logically that it is better to start only T3. The site stopthethyroidmadness also confirms this logic.

The issue is I understand this way we treat the symptom not the cause, but how the hell to understand why Im converting T4 to RT3? I know it can be gut or liver issues, but how to test that?

Also as I understand after I stop T3 my thiyroid should bounce back at production?

How is everyone doing here on T3? I have high rt3 and low body temp (along with the symptoms) and want to give it a go. The main things I want to see are libido/ED improvements.

@anon8512651 I started 4 days ago but I already feel more energetic and a bit better

Do you take it once per day or split it up or what?

I try to figure out which is better, but yesterday I took it only morning and became very sleepy at some point

@anon8512651 have you already started?. I’ve been following your posts for a while. Are you going finally with NDT or T3?. Greetings from another spaniard here.

It depends on the individual, but 10mcg is a good dosage. It may put you mid-range, or even high range. I recommend splitting up the dose and doing 5mcg in the AM, 5mcg before lunch.
25mcg may be way too much; Not everyone needs this dose to achieve a Free T3 level that they would normally produce. Start low and go slow. T3 is powerful.

Watch for rapid heart beat, sweating and muscle loss.

10 mcg once daily (a.m. fasted) put me slightly above top range.
Only question I have is if doing a blood test should the dose be postponed until after the blood test, or take it as usual to show actual blood levels?