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Cytomel Info


After doing some searching i have realized there have been a few posts about this drug but very little info or experiences with it have been posted.

Currently I am very lean(%?,low). I have been carb cycling for the past 6 weeks now. My cutting is mainly for critique, to see if i am ready to take it to a competitive level. I am interested in the positive and negative effects of cytomel with reducing bodyfat levels.

I am extremely stimulant sensitive, 200mg of caffeine will get me flying all day. I have used an ECA stack to my detrimant (sp) and did not sleep for a week. I am alright with cutters like tight, hotrox,and alike so i stick with them. Clenbuteral is out of the question, for one i would be concerned for my health on it and personally i think it's fat reducing capabilities are slightly overated. With that being said my main concern is the actual stimulating effects of T3.

Does T3 simply ramp up your metabolic rate? , how does this translate as a physical feeling?

Also at what dosage and duration of use do most of you prefer I have seen a wide variety of levels?

Thanks in advance everyone, hopefully i can get some input.


Just to add, From the research i have obtained 50mcg for 6 weeks in duration is the most common dosing i have seen.


You'll find it is better to ramp up and ramp down the dose. Also it is better to use once you have plateaued in your dieting phase or close to it. The less time you are on this the better. I use it close to competition time, usualy 4 weeks out or so. I have never had any problems coming off it.

Best to be on a lot of AAS while using it.


Not a stimulant by any means. If anything, it'll stimulate you the least out of all the fat burners I could think of. Your heartbeat might increase slightly and feel stronger, but that's about it.

You will need to use moderate to high doses of AAS with it, or you'll lose a significant amount of strength and a fair amount of muscle.


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Well, considering the relatively short half-lives of ephedrine and caffeine, I'm sure he's exaggerating by... uh... maybe 6 days? :slight_smile:


I'm doing a radio appearance today talking about thyroid function and thyroid meds. I'll link to it when the streaming audio is available, if you want...


LOL i did not sleep for a week just from one stack. I was taking the ECA stack for that week, i simply could not get used to it or sleep.