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Cytomel for woman

Could anyone tell me if it would be more dangerous for a woman to take cytomel than it would be for a man? My sister has been taking diet pills or almost a year now with no end in sight and I thought that maybe 2 or 3 Roberts cytomel cycles would get her to lose enough weight that she could cease all drug use. I have nothing but praise for the cycles but I also know that men and women react differently to drugs. Any info would be a big help.

I don’t think there’s a difference, though
in principle one would expect that bodyweight
should make a difference. However, women
using thyroid medically, still wind up using
25 mcg/day as a full replacement dose usually.

So I doubt that 12.5 mcg would be too much
to accomplish the desired purpose – excellent
improvement in fat loss with minimal suppression of TSH. It’s true that for someone
around 100-110 lb I would ideally start out
with slightly less and see what happens, but
it’s hard to break tablets into thirds.

T2, by the way, will be usable in the same way
and will come in effectively-smaller doses
per capsule, so the amount can be adjusted
better than it can with Cytomel.