cytomel dosage w/ bromocriptine

Need some T-3 advice, since it’s my first time. I’ve been on bromocriptine for 4 weeks today. Dosage is 5mg ed. In those 4 weeks my appetite has been suppressed in a big way…this hasn’t caused any bodyfat loss as of yet. The only reason I see for no loss is low thyroid. After starting it I noticed I was cold…my body temperature has dropped and is coming in consistintly at 97.6. This sounded similar to what Brock mentioned when he was using bromo. So I decided to start a 6 week cycle of cytomel run with the bromocriptine. I started today at 25mcg. Body temprature has come in normal and above all day. Now finally to the question…if I bump up the dosage to 50mcg is it better to take all at once in the morning or split up in smaller dosages? I want to keep any sleep problems and sides to a minimum. Thank you for any input. BTW…I wrote all the rest just in case anybody was interested in the effect of the bromo.

bump…come on…I need tomorrow’s dosage :slight_smile:

From my research . . .

Six week cycle. Spend 5% of the 42 days ramping up to your top dosage. Spend 40% of the cycle at your top/high dosage, spend 55% of the cycle ramping down.

T3 ideally should be taken in divided doses. 25mcg, twice per day. 50mcg, 4 times per day.

25mcg is a good starting point. 75mcg is probably the point where the negatives start to outweigh the positives. T3 is great for burning fat, but will burn as much LBM as fat.

I don’t know anything about bromocriptine, but T3 is usually taken with Clen(buterol) for its anti-catabolic properties, not to mention its complementary thermogenic and CNS-stimulatory properties.

Finally, T3 really, really shouldn’t be taken without some sort of anabolic support, once again to preserve LBM. T3 should not be taken by itself under any circumstance, unless your goal is to reduce LBM.

All that said, I’ll defer to the experts here on the board that have personal/direct experience.

Thank you for the reply. Is there any proven reason why dividing the dose is better than taking it all at once? The only reason I ask, is because all of the drug books I read say to take total amount in one morning dosage. I realize the reason we take T-3 is different than why someone who is hypothyroid takes it, but is it really more effective divided?

T3 has an extremely short life span. A hormone’s life is measured in “half-life” terms, and the half-life of T3 is three-quarters of one day. In comparison, T4 has a half life of approximately one week.

People who are hypothyroid either take a time released version or 2 to 3 pills a day (the need for T3 is less at night, actually). Divided doses will result in more even levels of T3.

Along with my other recommenadation/cautions, be sure to increase protein intake to 1.5 to 2g of protein per day. 8 meals would not be out of the question.

Thanks again for responding. I will split up the dose. I did that today and it worked great. I think if I would have taken it all at once it would have increased the negative sides…

I am taking your advice and trying to increase protein. This is kind of an experiment to see how much of a lean mass sparing effect bromocriptine has. If I start to notice huge strength decreases I will cut it short.

I did buy the Bromocriptine book by Lyle McDonald and it seemed like pretty solid information…so this is my trial. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks again.

Good luck, and drop me a PM to let me know how it goes!!!