Cytomel Dosage to Burn Fat

I am 24 years old , weighing 175 lbs at around 16-18% bodyfat . Recently i got my bloodwork done and my T3 levels were borderline low at 85 ng/dl, so my trainer suggested i start taking 100mcgs of Cytomel daily in the morning before breakfast to kickstart my metabolism and also burn some fat in the process
He also asked me to stop cold turkey without tapering down and said the thyroid would surely recover on its own

I started this today but my hands were shaking an hour after taking it , Its been 6 hours as i write this post since i took the first 100mcgs of T3 and now i feel fine

Is this a good way to go about it ? and how long will it take for me to get adjusted to the drug and not have shaking or mild headaches ? Also i feel my hunger is out of control, is that normal ?