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Cytomel Deca Question


I'm planning the next six months and am looking for advice and appreciate any help I can get. My questions are detailed below and are about DECA and Cytomel and how I am incorporating them, but other critiquing is welcome...

I am going to run a blended test which is a proprietary blend from a private US pharmacy and is similar to Sustanon 250. I am combining the blend with nandrolone decanoate (Deca) and HGH (I do growth at 6 month clips). This is the end of bulking and will be switching to a cutting cycle that will include a test better suited for cutting(maybe Tren/Prop), Winstrol and Cytomel and probably Clenbuterol.

Outline for my next 6 months:Please keep in mind that I run test all year long and do not cycle off

Weeks 1-10(Bulking) Blended Test 500mg/week
Deca 200mg/week
Weeks 1-26 HGH 2 units per day - 5 days a week
Weeks 11-20 Test(maybe Tren and Prop)
Cytomel - Scale up to 75mcg/day
Weeks 21+ Maintenance Test - Probably 200mg/week of a something like a Cyponate

Question 1: Cytomel is something I haven't used before and my question is if I should run the Cytomel throughout the entire 6 months as the combination of Cytomel and HGH will add a nice fat loss factor even while I am bulking. My bulking consists of clean food so I am looking to gain little to no fat even without the Cytomel. Or should I just keep the Cytomel strictly for cutting purposes in the second cycle?

Question 2: Is my Deca high enough? I would like to go to 400mg/week but the HRT clinic wont allow it so I will have to go to my outside resources. Also afraid of Deca dick at 400. Anyone have good numbers on Deca?

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post, appreciate your constructive criticism.


FYI - I get from a HRT clinic which is why I go year round