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Cytomel & Androsol

Anyone have any advice on a combo cycle of Androsol and Cytomel for fat loss? I was think about doing the normal Androsol cycle of 70 sprays 2X a day, along with 50mcg Cytomel per day. The major question I have is weather I should cycle the cytomel down after the two weeks, or just stop all at once and take an ECA stack until my natural T3 comes back online?



I think 50mcg of cytomel per day is too much. At that
dosage the cost/benefit is not so good - especially if you
are only using androsol for an anti-catobolic effect. At
50mcg/day you will probably lose some decent LBM, but you
won’t be losing significantly more fat.

Assuming you are going to do a standard 2 week cycle of androsol, here is a better protocal:
Week 1: use 12.5mcg (1/2 a tab) 2x per day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon and 70 sprays of androsol twice per day.
Week 2: use 12.5mcg cytomel once per day first thing in the morning only, and 70 sprays of androsol 2x per day.
Week 3: Switch to an EC stack or MD6 and use 6 Tribex capsules 2x per day.

Tapering the dosage of cytomel in week 2 will allow your thryroid to mostly upregulate. Using the EC in week 3 will ensure you don't get regain any body fat while (if) your thyroid is still suppressed. Switching to the Tribex in week 3 will offset (in my experience) any downregulation from the Androsol. Good luck!