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Cytomel and MAG-10?

Looking for opinions as to whether or not MAG-10 is strong enough to stave off muscle loss during a 6 week cycle of Cytomel that peaks at 100 mcg. I have a ton of MAG-10 in the deep freeze and was hoping I could use it for this purpose. Thanks.

Why do you think you need the cytomel?


At least in my case, high dose pharmaceutical anabolic steroids could not prevent serious weakening from the one time I tried such a dose of T3.

Others have suffered it from 100 mcg/day T3 “despite” high dose anabolic steroids as well.

No reason to think MAG-10 would solve the problem. It’s just too high a dose by a factor of about two (cutting in two does not allow properly using long-term; but is acceptable for the time frame you are talking about.)

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m still dealing with the power outages in SW Ohio. Thanks a lot, Ike!

Bill, so I could still get descent fat loss results at 50 mcg/day without cannibalizing too much muscle? Should I still use the MAG-10 or is this a low enough dose of T3 to not need it?

Lillguy, I’ve been dealing with a certain amount of sticky fat that I just can’t seem to shed.

The 50 mcg/day level a day is reasonable. If you wanted to save the MAG-10 for a later time you can do that.

I would limit use of the 50 mcg/day to no more than 8 weeks, preferably less but generally 8 weeks isn’t an issue.

If all you need is an “edge” that you’d like to be able to use longterm if desired, while I don’t know anyone else that recommends it, I’ve used and advised 12.5 mcg/day for about the last 10 years now and never had anyone not like it, given the understanding that it’s just an edge not a maximum-fat-loss-rate dosage.

There doesn’t seem to be detectable suppression with that dose taken in the mornings. Which is the reason for so low a figure, to avoid that.

However if you want faster results, 50 mcg/day for a while is fine for most.