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Cytomel & Albuterol= Strength Loss

Whats up? I’ve been taking cyto.(75 mcg) and alb. (12 mg) and test. e. 250mg/wk to help maintain muscle/strength but isn’t apparently working. and i just switched to GVT program and have lost strength.

Wondering if anyone has had this experience? And what i should do, its pretty frustrating?!?!

Too many factors to pin what is causing the strength loss. I would say that switching to GVT is why you are thinking that you are having strength losses. It could be more volume than you are used to, too much volume too fast, not getting enough sleep or food to recover quickly, etc.

Now on the other hand in my experiences Albuterol increases strength and high dose Cytomel decreases strength and especially volume, but you doses, while a little higher than I run, aren’t really high enough for the average person to experience a loss in performance - so I would say that it has something to do with your training.