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Cytodyne Methoxy Pro

hello ive just fininshed reading your article dirty tricks and am quit outraged at some of the things i have just learned. so anyway i was if you guys can tell me anything about Cytodynes METHOXY PRO ive bin using about 4 weeks now and hove noticed some positive results. you mentioned that a powdered methoxy dose not work that well do if you have any info on methoxy pro id love to hear it cause ill be pissed if im wasting my cash on it.

Methoxy Pro and a product called M7 are the two they were talkng about in the article as far as being underdosed. Not sure about the powdered thing. I read somewhere that a bottle of Cytodyne Methoxy Pro would only last two days if you took enough to actually get the right effect. Methoxy-7, especially the new version, is the only methoxy product worth using. You know you have the new version of it tastes like bubble gum. Tastes much better than the old version!!

i heard that Methoxy pro contain creatine in it and that is why some see results and not the methoxy

I just finished a tub of methoxy pro a few days ago, and am i pleased its over! This is only my opinion but the stuff tastes very very bad!

I would stay away from anything produced by Cytodyne. As has been pointed out, they use the chemical name for creatine on the label. In my opinion that is a pretty low marketing practice. As I understand it, the guy behind Cytodyne is the brother of the guy behind Cybergenics.

You probably saw some results because of the protein and creatine in it. There’s not enough methoxy in Cytodyne’s product to do any good. I think these guys used at least two or three of the dirty tricks Chris and TC talked about in that article.

Methoxy-Pro (powder) does have methoxy and creatine in it. I personally like the taste, but do not think that much of methoxyisoflavone. On the otherhand, the combo of protein and creatine is a smart one especially in a postworkout shake. I find Cytodyne to make decent products and the people that work their to be friendly and upstanding. I am sure that they have a “money-back” policy if you do not like the product. What it comes down to is acceptability, taste and ease of use for all products.

I disagree about it coming down to taste and things like that. taste and product quality is very important, but so is ethics, and if they are trying to deceive the consumer, by listing an ingredient under its chemical name, one that most people are not aware of, then they obviously have a lower standard of ethics, and whats to stop them from putting inferior quality ingredients in the product, or skimping a little on the amount of protein?