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Cytodyne has MYOSTAT? WTF

I saw in GNC magazine that cytodyne is making a myostatin blocker. It seemed to have the same cytoseira canariensis (sp?) as the biotest/pinnacle stuff. I thought biotest and pinnacle did all of the research and had the sole rights to sell the product. WTF?

I could be wrong, but I think this is part of the reason that Biotest had to rush the product out like they did…the fact that the “secret” was out and perhaps the copycats would enter the market sooner than Biotest would have preferred. I don’t know that we’ll ever know the real story on that, but that’s my take on it.

Looks like they licensed it from Biotest. They mention Myozap in the ad specificly, I am to assume that they bought the stuff from Biotest and reformulated it.


Champion Nutrition is also selling CSP-3.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, there are a lot of companies selling this, there is no exclusivity

Actually if you look at Davies’ Xtreme Formulations products, they have it added to their Ultra Pepetide protein powder too. It seems to be getting quite popular.

Clearly Biotest and Pinnacle sold or gave the right for Cytodyne to obtain the raw material. Keep in mind that Biotest and Pinnacle, like all other supplement companies, are a business with the goal of earning profits. It was probably quite lucrative to do this.

Or they (Biotest) never had exclusive rights in the first place.

When I first read T-mags articles about Myostat, I did a search for the name of the algae they use. Turns out, it was abundant online as an ingredient in quite a few antioxidant supplements. So the substance is neither rare nor exclusive to one company.

How do you know if it wasn’t vice versa?? Biotest might have bought it from these other companies mentioned.

I believe Pinnacle manufactures Cytodynes supps for them.

You guys are way off with all your hypothesizing and speculating. First of
all, CSP-3 is, in fact, extremely rare. Currently, there are three and only
three companies that sell CSP-3 – Biotest, Pinnacle, and now Cytodyne –
everything else is bogus.

Regarding who did what and when, Biotest and Pinnacle were involved from the
beginning. We recently decided to include Cytodyne so that we could more
effectively cover the marketplace and meet the demand. We don’t, however,
have any plans to include anyone beyond Cytodyne.

And yes, there is an abundance of Cystoseira canariensis throughout the
world’s oceans; however, there is only one strain that contains the active
polysaccharide. Furthermore, in order to get the concentrations required to
inhibit myostatin, the algae must be grown through an elaborate culturing
process that has taken us a very long time to perfect. It’s literally
impossible to duplicate CSP-3.

And lastly, the Biotest attorneys have filed two patents on CSP-3, which
will enable us to eventually put an end to these other companies’ claims.

Looks like I was the only one who guessed right. While one objective for Biotest/Pinnacle to get Cytodyne involved was to cover the market, I imagine it was also profitable to do this. I hope as Tim says that there won’t be any other companies involved in the future. Bring on the counterfeits for those newbies!

FYI … just wanted to comment on Steve’s post … Coach Davies doesn’t own or run a supplement company. He just writes for magazines that do. Thanks.

It constantly amazes me that so many people jump to the easiest possible conclusion; i.e. that BIOTEST did not tell the truth, that they sold out, on and on. If you took the time to read the initial reports, and understood the cost factors in developing the product,the fact that the product’s active ingrediant is rare, it seems quite logical that BIOTEST would bring on a few select companies to aid in supplying product to us muscle heads, plus help in spreading the costs out. Not greed but overall business sense! I guess it is far easier to jump too conclusions rather than wait for an answer. What a shame.