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Cytadren as alternative to Arimidex

I was thinking of doing my first cycle: 500mg Sust/wk with 25mg D-bol/ed for eight weeks and then two weeks of Primo 400mg with use of clomid post cycle with nolvadex at the ready too. I was planning on using 250mg Cytadren as my anti-estrogen but having read a lot of the posts on here I’m seriously considering Arimidex. But the price is exorbitant! Its as expensive as my whole cycle. Have any of you guys had any experience using Cytadren?

Considering the low dosage you need with arimidex, it’s really not all that expensive. I’ve seen liquidex at a few places online for around $45 for 30mg. (1mg/ml). Considering a person can do well with only 0.5mg per day, that’s 60 days for $45. Some people even do every other day. That’s pretty cheap insurance if you ask me.

liquidex is not the same as arimadex. also, the dosing for liquidex is not the same. it is less potent requiring a higher dosage for a simliar effect

Drago so what would the dosage scheme be for liquidex to achieve the same effect as 0.5mg arimidex?

Liquidex is Anastrozole in a suspension. Anastrozole is Arimidex. Since when did liquidex cease being Arimidex? I hope we’re not playing a game of semantics. And since when does dissolving Arimidex in solution make it less potent? Potency is the same.