Cyst Removed from my Ass - Need Advice lol

Probably won’t be many stitches. Am I good to workout? Dermatologist said wait two weeks or lift light, but I feel like I can’t imagine stitches on your ass cheek ripping apart lol.

Admittedly ignorant, I am just wondering if things like seated overhead presses, benching, leg ext. (anything where I am sitting and straining) are out? Also, can I train my upper body? lower body? etc.

Only really looking for advice from professionals/people having gone through the experience - thanks.

Oh, yeah. Sorry about the TMI lol.

For one, listen to the doc rather than random folks on the web. There’s just a better chance that he knows what he’s talking about in comparison.

He did leave it open to training light, so just use common sense. If it’s stretching the skin or engaging glutes at all, just lay off of those exercises for the next two weeks.

[quote]MickyGee wrote:
Dermatologist said wait two weeks or lift light[/quote]

I’d do this. They went to medical school and do this for a living, so I’m guessing they know more then you about this.

Listen to the expert, but ask them which movements are a concern. Anything that involves your lower body should probably be out. I’d also be concerned about anything that involves pressure on your glutes.

Two weeks are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Those things can look really nasty if they tear and get infected. Get your ass healed, then lift like you used to.