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Cy's response/fat fast 2.0/some other shit

In regards to the previous thread(s) about updating the fat fast and Cy’s response in this week’s Issue, perhaps using Hot Rox and Mag-10 (or 4-AD-EC for a longer cycle) for the duration, along with more whole foods (that whole thermic effect stuff I’m thinking is higher in whole foods than liquid) and more sets at lower reps (OVT) and steady state long duration aerobics. Then just switch to a maintenance diet, where it’s higher calorie keto, but work in carbs again (T-Dawg 2.0), Tribex, M and Red Kat (does that conflict with Tribex?), Mixed strength and hypertrophy training (like the one outlined by TC in Simpleton’s guide to Poliquin Principles part two or Chad Waterbury’s Big Boy Basics) and some intervals or CW’s running man suggestions. Maybe. Hmmm, if this seems logical to others and I’m not just pulling this out my ass, I’ll be a guinea pig for this and post results, provided I don’t dip into my go home before being stationed out at Iwakuni for two years fund. Just a thought.

Semper Fi.