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Cy's protocol

has anyome used cy’s protocol of 100mg of test per week post cycle? i was thinking of doing this along with my clomid and tribex. how many weeks post cycle should one continue the low dose test?

weeks 7-9.that was when you use androgel so i would think the same would apply to the test.from what i gather it allows your test to climb back up without suppressing it ,somewhat

weeks 7-9? are you saying this as if it were a 6 week cycle or use the test for 7 to 9 weeks?

weeks1-6 use your planned cycle,weeks7-9 androgel 5 gram pack per day 1/4 tab arimidex a day along with 100mg of clomid a day with 2 tablespoons of methoxy7{old formula}per day along a beta2 agonist.weeks 10-12 discontinue androgel but keep using everthing else.