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Cyrocup Recovery?


I bought some cyrocups yesterday along with a foam roller. What is the best time to ice/foam roll; when your done with a workout, or the day after a workout?



When you're done.


Save your money!! My wife came up with an inexpensive idea that works great.

Take a medium sized water bottle, freeze it, and "VIOLA". Ice pack that rolls.

Place it on the table (on a towl) and roll your arms (tri's) or simply roll any muscle needed! GOOD LUCK!!


I bought 2 for 6$ (not including shipping). So, I did not spend a lot.


Well I spent $0.89 that is a savings of nearly five dollars. I win!!

But if you like them and they work well for ya then git-r-done!!! GOOD LUCK!!


i just use a paper cup


When do I need to use this?
A: after a weight training session?
B: 24 hours after a weight training session
C: other?


After your workout, or any time that you feel that your muscles are having a hard time recovering.



Does the cryocup help recovery alot? or is does it give a mild boost to recovery?


How is it best to use the ice cup? just massage back and forth on your muscles then dry off the water and put clothes back on and keep warm?