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Cyponiate vs. Propionate 160/40 mg/ml


I’ve been on Cyponiate injected once per week since July. Recent blood work show test at about 1,000, but the Dr. said they are switching everyone to propionate 160/40 mg/ml still injected once per week. What I’ve read here is that it should be injected every other day. Any insight would be helpful. I did search the site already but this Q hasn’t been answered

Thank you in advance


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You will want the same TT=1000

You need steady T levels and once a week does not deliver.
E2 management is critical and anastrozole needs to match steady T levels.

Self injected twice a week with anastrozole at time of injections works well.

If you are injecting hCG EOD, then everything EOD is a simple routine.

Where are you located and who is “they”. Doc provides the T?

Test propionate has “the shortest” half life of the testosterone esters and is thus the worst match to weekly injections. Should be injected every 2-3 days.

I would not be surprised to hear that a brain dead doctor would do something like this. They really do not understand the basics.


Thank you so much! I will read the stickys and respond. I appreciate your insight because I’m alway spectacle of Drs. I’m not on any other that the tst right. Can I PM you with other pertinent info?


Yes the Dr. provided the tst


I want to thank you very much. Since I first posted this, I’ve gone back and forth with my Dr. trying to convince him that I need HCG and an estrogen blocker.

He assured me his new protocol 160 Cyp/40 Prop would do the trick. It didn’t and I finally found a Dr. who would actually do the right thing. I’ll share the new results here and hope to encourage others to be proactive in their care and follow the adise here !