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I would like to get an answer from the T-Mag staff on this question, but anyone that has an imput is also more than welcome. My doctor currently has me on Cypionate 1cc weekly. The reason I pose this question is that I know that Cypionate is hard to get even when through a pharmacy, the pharmacy that I go to mixes my perscription, so how do I know what I’m getting. All of my research tells me that normal uses of cypionate is 100-200mg once every three to four weeks. What should I be looking for in gains of size and or strength. Also, what type of cycle should I use for maximum results. I’m a 41 year old male, my lab work results prior to this script were as follows:
GLUCOSE 84 mg/dl
BUN 22 mg/dl
CREAT 1.0 mg/dl
NA+ 142 mmol/L
K 4.3 mmol/L
CO2 31 mEq/L
PROTEIN 7.3 g/dl
ALBUMIN 3.9 g/dl
GLOBULIN 3.4 g/dl
LDH 515 U/L
T.BILI 0.6 mg/dL
ALPHA-1-FETO AG 6.12 ng/ml
TSH 1.60 uIu/ml
PROLACTIN 5.50 ng/mL
DHEA 11 ng/ml
ESTRONE 36 pg/ml
DHT 63 pg/ml

I'm sorry for such a long post but I wanted to provide as much info as possible to aid in your recommendations

Sorry I don’t have any real answers for you, but I am interested in hearing what kind of cycle recommendations you get. It looks like you spent a fortune in lab work, LOL!

You’re lucky to get that much of a prescription, especially considering that
your T value was in the normal range (albeit
low normal) in the first place. Some doctors
are more generous than others.

You can expect gains like those of someone
with normal testosterone levels. You are
not on a steroid cycle, you are on replacement
therapy. Your gains will be much more influenced by how you train, eat, sleep,
etc. and how far you’ve come already than
from the replacement therapy – though
relative to your previous low testosterone
levels you have a nice improvement so there
may be some substantial fairly quick improvement (like 5-10 lb in a coupule of months, but not necessarily, and if you
don’t get that there’s no reason to feel

I’m mystified by the part about your pharmacist mixing the prescription: there is no mixing
or formulation involved with testosterone cypionate. It is simply a question of the pharmacist handing you the vial. If you
are getting some kind of product made on
the spot, that is really, really weird.

Bill, Thank your for your reply. There were additonal reason that I was prescribed the “T” besides the Low normal “T” levels indicated in my lab work, If your interested I can share those with you in a little more private forum that you may consider using at a later time. But for now I’ll just say “Thank God, for alternative medicine!!!”. If I could, I would still like some answers on the best way a person should use cypionate in a cycle. ie… How much? How often? and duration of each cycle? What results could be expected at the end of such a cycle?, assuming that the individual was training hard, and his diet was also good. If a person is trying to gain strenth and Lean mass should they maybe ask for some other type of “T”, and if so what should yeild the best results.

E2E, testosterone cypionate works the same way in a cycle
as other testosterone esters like enanthate or Sustanon.

There is quite a lot of information to be found in the
magazine about how to do a testosterone cycle and what
could be expected from it. But if you were thinking that
cypionate is somehow different, then I can see where you
might not have realized that this information already out
there is exactly what you’re looking for.

I asked my fiance, who takes test cypionate. His response is as follows: This depends on 3 things. 1)The concentration of test in your cypionate prescription. Depot test cypionate comes in 2 concentrations for human use in USA prescriptions. The first, and most common is 100 mg/ml test cyp in 10 mm vials. Less common are 200 mg/ml, usually in 1 ml vials. Which is used is entirely dependent upon which works best for the dosage in your prescription. At your present level, you would probably use the 100 mg/ml mixture. 2)Whether your goals are improvement and quality of life or the more anabolic use of test to promote lean muscle mass and reduce recovery time from BB. I would assume, since you have a prescription, that your Dr. is pretty much limited to the former dosage which is around 100 mg/week, either given as a weekly or bi-weekly injection based on the half life of test cyp being roughly 7 days on average. 3) The effect of a given dosage on your estradiol level, which is at this time, within normal, but from a BBer’s point of view, perhaps a bit high as BBers tend to see a reading of 15 or less, but never 0, as the ideal estradiol reading. Actually anything under 35 is probably normal for your age group. This is a subject open to a great deal of debate at this time. Given the above, let’s talk BB. The late Dan Duchaine told me that he felt that a person 40 years+ w/a test lab reading of less than 400 ng/ml could probably (note “probably”) get some anabolic benefit taking test cyp at 400 mg/week indefinitely w/out regard to cycling. Note that this is risky and that you might consider a slightly higher dose for several weeks and cycling off for a few weeks, particularly if your doctor will only prescribe you 100 or 200 mg/week. Under those conditions you would be forced to cycle and I see no problem with this. Under all circumstances you should have your blood levels of test and estradiol checked on a periodic basis and other blood work done to make sure that everything else is all right. If your estradiol starts climbing (and this is very likely), you are then going to have to ask your Dr. to prescribe Arimidex to control the estradiol. He or she may not be experienced in prescribing Arimidex and may be reluctant to do so in that it is approved only for use as a chemotherapy drug in women with breast cancer. This is unfortunate because it is the perfect aromatase inhibiter and therefore the perfect drug for estradiol in older males, or males using AAS. I hope this is helpful.

Rosemary, thank you ever so much for you help. It has addressed many of my question. The Cypionate that I am using is as follows on my Rx CPD TESTO CYP 200MG, So I am currently using 200mg per week. When my doctor began my Rx I told him that I was also interested in increasing both strenth and lean mass. I appreciate your help and any additional help that you or others will assist me with will be greatly appreciated. I really haven’t seen or notice any real changes using 200mg a week, but I don’t want to do anything without getting the information to determine the best way to use it. I have been using my current dosage for the last 7 weeks, with 3 more weeks to go. Once completed I will lay off for 3-4 weeks and by then I hope to have enough information to begin a cycle that will yeild some favorable results.