Cypionate Plus Pes Erase?

My test level is 250. Androgel actually lowered it from 330. Stopped androgel and took my first cypionate injection last week (200 mg every two weeks). Can I take erase with it to control estrogen levels with no adverse effects?

Also is it better to take 100 mg per week of cypionate vs 200mg every two weeks? Can I take that 100mg after my first 200mg after one week?

probably best to take two injections of 50mg per week instead (every 3.5 days.) I didn’t like the idea of twice weekly either at first. But it does help. I don’t know what erase is, so can’t answer that.

I tried all OTC AI stuff - grape seed , DIM , omegas , red clover , zinc , selenium - none worked enough to stop my nipples from irritation - none brought be below 64 E2 level . I bought anastrozole from chem research lab and it worked perfect and brought my E2 down to 22