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Cypionate Level Question


I am not sure if anybody can help me here, but I have a question that may not be typical. I was recently placed on TRT. I already had good levels according to doc (618 total) but he did agree to let me try it at a smaller dosage than normal 50ml per week verses 100ml per week which I have done for 5 weeks now. I of course would never use it other than prescribed but have a theroretical? Suppose I had to go in in 4 weeks for follow up t tests and had actually been using 100-150mgs over the past 5 weeks. How would I adjust over the course of the next 4 weeks so levels would be more in line with the 50mg recommendation?

Also, I know the vitality of PCT in "Cycles" however with 5-6 weeks of 100-150mgs, which seems much lower than a cycle, yet still beneficial, what would be the importance of PCT and what dosages of HCG and other items would be necessary?


Dude, what the fuck are you doing going on TRT with good test levels? If you are going to use test, do it at a reasonable dose (400-500mg total anabolics per week) otherwise you are messing up your HPTA for nothing.


Seriously. 600's isnt that low at all. That's good that you got a script but I would recommend cycling as well.

The units are milligrams not milliliters.

I'd be surprised if 50mg per week does anything more than shut down your natural production after a while and leave you with barely more test than you started with. Doesnt seem like a great plan.

Injecting T doesnt just add to your own. It stops your own and replaces it.

This website has a TRT forum very clearly labeled as well.


Okay. thanks man. Yeah I got the script but want to do research before I go any further than I have. i appreciate your comments.


Thanks. I was also wondering about that. 400-500 is pretty sufficient I am hearing then. I want to research PCT beofre I dive into it. Don't want to be stupid about it. Thanks.


50 mg per week will simply cause you to produce less of your own test, and probably leave you at a lower level than you started with. While you are on TRT, your production is basically shut down, and all your test comes from what you inject. No such thing as "supplementation" This is a bad idea. Especially since you are good to begin with.

Your doctor is an idiot.


I am glad I brought this up then. to be honest I want to research and cycle. I simply wanted to get the script first. I don't want to cycle until I know what the hell I am doing though. If anybody can guide me to a decent place to research appropriately please do. I know about HCG as PCT. Do any of these over the counter estrogen blockers work sufficiently as PCT say if somebody is coming off a 400mg cycle? That is one thing I have not been able to get scripted for is nolvadex, etc. btw I am 40 years old if that means anything


HCG is not to be used as PCT. HCG is used on cycle to maintain testicular function.

Nothing sold over the counter has any place in steroid cycle. Adding things wont hurt, like vitamins and herbal supps. But a SERM or the test taper outlined in the sticky are the only viable means of PCT. If you cant find a SERM look into the test taper method.

SERMs are not hard to find. Online pharmacies are convenient. And there are websites that sell research chemicals.


Go to the HRT forum and start reading everything KSman has written.

Good luck


Okay, I am going to be a little more specific because I want to research things before I go too far. Not trying to be an idiot, but cant find good answers inn internet. My goals are not to get "huge" in fact I could probably get to where I want to be in 1 or 2 cycles if I am even able to retain a moderate amount of gains.

My test levels are 618 I am 40 years old which is why my doctor put on such a small dose of test for trt. My real goal is to cycle it but only after I get some information on how to do it right. I started the low dose just so it would be in my system for next blood test but ran at 100-150 verses 50.

I'll be honest, I even seen gains from that and it wasn't just a mental thing (maybe cuz levels are good anyway) Like I said my goals are small, so with what I have prescribed I have enough where I could run about 300-350 for 5-6 weeks.

I can get HCG legally too. I am wondering how much of that to run with that dose and what options I have for PCT. Since My prescribed dose is so small, my doc wont give me any clomid/Nolvadex, etc. and I don't want to obtain anything illegally.

What are best options, or are there even viable options. It isn't a real huge dose based on other cycles I have read about. Almost seems gyno may not even be a big concern?

Not trying to be an idiot, thats why I am researching before hand. I only started the small amount to make the blood test show I had used some. but have now stopped. test is in two weeks and since I was using twice as much, I assume the half life should balance it down to where it should be close too. Next step is to do cycle I mentioned though, but only after knowing what I am doing with it. Thx guys.


Please re-read the previous posts. There is no such thing as "supplementing" testosterone. After the first week or 2, your HPTA shuts down and your balls stop producing on their own. This is why you felt good at first. Likely by now, you have shut down your own production, and as you are not currently injecting, the levels you get on your next blood draw will likely be lower than where you started. That leaves you with enough to inject 300-350 mg for 5-6 weeks, not nearly enough to realize any real gains.

You do not need TRT regardless of what your doctor said. If you want to cycle, then at least do the research and do it right.


That's what I am attempting to do. I have spent countless hours on the computer and am still confused as hell which is why I haven't gone any further with it. I will read some more stuff on here and if anybody has any good pages to direct me to for research please do.