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Cypionate - Kicking?


I just started my first test-cypionate cycle (Cypionax).

Today was the 2nd time I injected 200mg's test-cyp. I inject every 3 days.

For so long I haven't felt any difference in my sex drive and no changes in my libido, or is it just too early to tell? I thought that cypionate would have peaked in the first 48h's, but i havent felt anything.

I know that the results start to show after the 4th week approx. But should I feel any different now that I have injected 400mg's cyp in the past 4days?

I am always worried if my gear isn't legit when I start a cycle.

Sorry about the bad english, I hope you understood my point.



Cyp will not kick in in 48 hours, even if it's frontloaded.


Yeah, but shouldn't cyp peak testosterone levels in the body in the next 24-48h's after injection. Many guys say that after few days of the injection you should feel horny as hell. Well, i haven't felt anything.

Or do you normally even notice anything in the first 2-3 weeks?


Are you confusing cyp with prop?


No, no.

I have a medical book (pharmaca fennica) and it says: "The blood levels of testosterone cypionate peak 24-48 hours after injection and then decline slowly."


I wouldn't count on feeling cyp kick in after only a few days.


I know people that notice change in libido and skin oil in a week or so. Depends on how high the first injection is though.


I have seen this shown in medical studies I have read in the past a few times so I think its generally true (keep in mind if there is no frontload or the frontload is not accurate...you cant really say the levels will be peaking as each following injection, the levels will be higher or still continuing to increase)

I think prop peaks alot quicker, maybe 12 hours after injection maybe?

i think peak time also has to do with the ml's or depot size, genetics, muscle injected into etc. Its not very straighforward from memory i think but dont quote me im not 100% on this.

Peak concentration doesnt really say much though, i dont feel much for about 2.5-3 weeks with anything frontloaded.

The only thing I notice with the test at about end of the first week is slightly better training recovery. Libido I think seccond week from memory



Ok. That was the answer I was looking. Thanks.


Peak levels have little to do with your response to those levels. Steroid hormones are transported to the nuclei of your cells where changes of gene expression take place. The changed gene expression then leads to changes in the cell, which takes time. Then aggregate changes take place in tissues and the way your body and brain works takes time to change.


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