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Cypionate injections -- need advice


I've recently begun a TRT program involving once-per-week cypionate injections -- and I'm having some trouble.

I was told glutes, quads, and deltoids were acceptable sites for injection. For best convenience, I chose quads. Trouble is, I seem to have an uncanny knack for locating veins with my needles. In at least three of my five injections so far, I seem to've hit a vein going in -- on the way in (slow and easy), there's big pain attended by an involuntary contraction of the muscle.

When this happens, I remove the needle and find another spot to inject -- and on removal in these cases, several drops of blood are ejected. Successful injections, on the other hand, are blood-free and virtually painless.

Can someone offer advice for improving injection success? For what it's worth, I'm using 25g pins to inject 100mg cypionate once per week. I've been injecting roughly mid-thigh, slightly outside of center, to hit the Vastus lateralis.



Split the dose to 2 50mg shots a week. Forget IM and go SC. Use a 29g 1/2". No pain, no blood, no scarring, same result. I've been on SC T cyp for three years.


Thanks for the response. The cypionate I'm using (Watson 200 mg/ml) is pretty viscous. Is it able to be effectively injected through a 29g needle?

And cyp injections are as effective SC as IM (if split into two injections/week)?

Thanks and best,


I use Watsons with the 29g. It takes about a minute to load the syringe depending on the temp of the vial. I switched to SC a couple of months ago and there is no discernible difference in my levels.


That's very interesting -- SC is much easier to administer/less problematic on many levels. Anyone know why IM remains the standard recommended method of administration?


T cyp was designed to be dosed every three to four weeks at a large dose. Say 300 to 400mg at a time. You aren't going to shoot 400mg SC. Now we know that small doses SC are fine. HCG, per the literature, is supposed to be shot IM also but of course no one does. The only difference I've had SC is a slower release of T. You won't experience a spike and drop off.


Makes sense -- thanks for the information. I do notice spikes -- seems to me my cypionate injections get taken up over the course of two to three days, with lulls for the remainder of the week until the next shot. So next injections will be half-dose shots, twice/week, SC. Should be interesting.

Thanks again!


If using 29G needles, use 0.5mg [50iu] insulin syringes. Do not use 1.0mg [100iu].


I found that the "fill time" of 100 iu, 50 iu, and 30 iu syrninges is almost the same.

But I recommend BD 31g 30iu syringes if doing EOD dosing. They work great and you cannot feel them at all.


Does sq injections raise E2 or dht(?) levels? It seems like the way to go if doesn't effect these levels.


Does sq injections raise E2 or dht(?) levels? It seems like the way to go if doesn't effect these levels.


No. My labs were basically the same. Adex dose the same.


For the newbe in the room reading your posts, as I am a very new member to the site, and even newer to my own recently prescribed 100mg/week(Cypionate) program, could anyone walk me through the SC type of injection process? I currently have the assistance of my lovely wife adminitering my injections for me, and the 23g needle in my glute really sucks! She usually hits a vein/nerve, and I would be very appreciative to any advice on better methods for injections that my own reading, and doctor have not uncovered.

I have been doing alot of readng on this site prior to joining and unfortunately there are ALOT of abbreviated words (Ie: IM, SC, SQ, EOD, E2, ect....) used in the communications. I get it that I am new and over time hopefully I'll start to pick up on the lingo, however it is proving to be quite a learning curve. Thanks in advance for being patient with the Rookie.



read trt protocol & new guy stickies at top of forum for abbreviations.


Protocol I use for intramuscular (IM) cyp: 25g 1" needle with 1ml syringe. place heel of right hand on lower back with pinkie in top end of ass crack...cup hand gently and your thumb will be on the target area. Get your gear ready, stand in front of mirror and take weight off target-side foot so that glute is relaxed. Wipe area with alcohol, take aim and jab away like you're throwing a dart. I barely even feel it & have not hit a nerve or vein yet...only minor bleeding from site every so often. 1" needle is long enough to reach muscle unless you're seriously overweight, and you can even get 27g 1.25" if you want longer.

Protocol for subcutaneous (SC or SQ) is in the posts right above yours...tiny short needle (29 30 or 31g) @1/2" attached to an insulin syringe, fill it slow and jab it quick into a fold of skin wherever you have subcutaneous fat...when I start SQ soon, I'm going for belly within 6" of navel, same as my current hCG.



I found the recommended reading in your above post. Alot of very useful details for a Rookie on the forum, and I thank you for fast tracking me to it. Keep me posted on this tread or PM me your experiences with your upcoming SC injections for your Cypionate.



Sure thing...
Just did my first SQ shot using Paddock brand cyp. It loaded easily into a 50IU 31g insulin pin at room temp, which I wasn't expecting to go nearly so well from things I'd read (are other oil-based esters from other mfrs more viscous?) Took about 30 seconds to draw it up. Shot 0.33mL (66mg) into belly about 4" from navel...very slight aching at the site afterward, nothing else notable yet.

(I'm doing a biweekly protocol and trying out 133mg/wk taking advantage of the extra gear in my nominally "1mL" vials...my 100mg/wk had me peaking total T in the low 700s; bumping to 133 got me to almost 900.)


Does your Doc happen to cycle you on and off your Cypionate cycles to give your body a break/time to start producing Test on its own again? (Or are you on it for the long haul). I just started my first cycle of HRT and my Doc has me taking 100mg/week, however I have not been advised about cycling on/off the therapy, and I intend to bring it up on my next visit.

My lab numbers were definitely in the lower percentile for a males in my age group, however they were not terrible low. I am just a little leery about potentially having to stay on HRT for the rest of my days, and I not sure how I feel about that. Just curious how your Doc prescribes you, and anyone else for that matter that would not mind sharing.



Then you should not have started. HRT is not just some fun thing we do on and off because, hey, why not. We use it because it is a medical necessity. Cycling off serves absolutely no purpose if your body is unable to produce its own testosterone, which is why you are on TRT in the first place.


My Doc and I came to the conclusion based on my labs/physical exam results/symptoms that HRT would definitely be a very viable course of treatment to see if it increases my quality of life/well being. I can think of a 1000 other ways to have fun than doing HRT, not to mention I despise needles of any kind. I have not taken the idea of HRT lightly prior to starting, and my Doc is a very busy person that does not all take the time to answer the many questions I have.

I hope my previous posts did not come off as someone thats just bored and trying something off the cuff cause "hey, why not". Thats not my intention, I know there is a tremendous amount of knowledge/experience here, and I don't know anyone else to have discussions, or knowledge sharing with. My apologies if I offended/annoyed anyone else reading my posts.



Yeah and I was being an asshole. my bad.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the stickies and you will get a lot of help from them. The members here are also very helpful.

For the most part you do not want to come off unless you have to. If you are on TRT in the first place, that indicates you were not able to produce naturally. Steps should be taken to restore natural production before starting (that ship has sailed) but if you are on, figure out how to make it work.

Good luck to you.