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Cypionate has Less of a Kick?

This must be some sort of a placebo effect, but I recently switched from testosterone enanthate to cypionate, and the cypionate dosage a slightly higher, yet I feel like there’s less of a kick compared to enanthate.
I was doing 72 mg of enanthate every 5 days, and now I switched to 70 mg of cypionate every four days.
Libido seemed stronger on enanthate, but also the side effects seemed a bit stronger like more acne. On cypionate I feel less libido, and I have way less acne. How can this be?

I had the opposite effect, 20mg enanathe is doesn’t have the same punch as 20mg cypionate. I theorize we are breaking down the esters at different rates.

Also the ananathe has a slightly shorter half life.

You think maybe more enanthate is released from the bolus being a higher concentration?
My cyp is 100 mg/ml while the enanthate was 200 mg/ml
So with the cyp there’s a lot more oil that needs to be absorbed no?

Technically, shorter half life equals higher test levels, so the cyp should be more potent…but only a little. I think I read cyp is 88% of prop based on half lifes, so E would be ever so slightly less than Cyp because of the shorter half life.

But, splitting hairs for sure.

Cyp has a longer half life then enanthate. It’s weird I feel like I’m injecting water lol. Enanthate definitely felt like it kicked in harder and faster.

It could be different oils, grapeseed versus the other, that give you more PIP or a different feeling.

Also, don’t discount the placebo effect. Bottom line is that if you feel that way, there’s probably something to it.